Gülistan Dogu's mother: "My heart is bleeding"

The search for Munzur University student Gülistan Doku continues at Uzunçayır Dam.

Bedriye Doku, mother of Gülistan, the Munzur University student who went missing on 5 January, is still at the place where her daughter was last seen. The grief stricken mother said: “Gülistan, I am always looking for you day and night, where are you? My heart is burning.”

The search for Munzur University student Gülistan Doku, who disappeared on 5 January in Dersim, have been going on at Uzunçayır Dam for 147 days. However, the call made by both civil society organisations and Gülistan’s older sister Aygül Doku to empty the dam, has so far gone unanswered.

Bedriye Doku is standing at Dinar Bridge with a photograph of Gülistan  in her hand demanding to know what happened to her daughter.