HPG publishes balance sheet of war for September

HPG published a war balance sheet of war for September as the guerrilla resistance against Turkish occupation and annihilation campaign continues in the guerrilla areas in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

The Press Centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) published a balance sheet of war in Kurdistan for the month of September. Accordingly, guerrillas of the HPG and YJA Star (Free Women's Troops) carried out 507 actions against the Turkish army in the past month, killing 150 soldiers and injuring 38 others. Two Turkish drones were shot down and two grenade launchers, five positions and seven surveillance cameras were destroyed. In addition, six helicopters were damaged.

According to the balance sheet, the Turkish army carried out 149 airstrikes by fighter jets and used prohibited weapons such as chemical weapons, unconventional explosives and tactical nuclear bombs eight times. Five guerrillas were martyred in the attacks.

The HPG statement released on Sunday includes the following:

"The resistance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla in Bakur [Northern Kurdistan] and the Medya Defence Zones and the struggle against the genocidal attacks continue uninterruptedly. The self-sacrificial guerrillas are sharpening their minds, hearts and wills with the strength they get from the Apoist ideology. It overcomes all obstacles under the most difficult circumstances and fulfils its role. To fulfil its leadership mission in the Revolutionary People's War everywhere and at every moment, it continues to carry out its revolutionary tasks without hesitation with great sacrifice and courage in the Apoist self-sacrificial spirit.  

Throughout September, the hostile attacks in Bakur and the Medya Defence Zones continued uninterruptedly. The Turkish colonial state aiming at genocide and its ultra-fascist AKP/MHP regime are trying by all means to destroy the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla and eradicate the Kurdish existence. However, the resistance of the guerrillas, their high war performance and their tactical level have ensured that the fascist regime could not achieve the desired results. The Turkish state has made it its main agenda to use all relations and negotiations in Turkey, the region and the world to fight the Kurdish freedom movement. It is, so to speak, begging for help against the guerrillas by selling all values and making unprincipledness its principle. The Turkish state bureaucracy, the leaders of the fascist regime and the special war media are continuously bringing up the Kurdish freedom struggle and the guerrilla. All this openly shows in what distress our liberation struggle has brought the Turkish colonial state and its fascist regime.

In Northern Kurdistan, the fascist AKP/MHP regime has used all the agents, contras, paramilitaries, security forces and military at its disposal against the guerrillas and carried out hundreds of extermination operations in September. However, the guerrillas succeeded in making these attacks come to nothing. Our comrades-in-arms in Amed and Botan have resisted the enemy hordes and their helicopters and fighter jets with great courage and sacrifice after contact with the enemy. This resistance led by our self-sacrificial commander Axîn Mûş has gone down in the history of our struggle as a heroic example of the time. In September, Axîn Mûş (Hülya Demirer), Egîd Berxwedan (Habib Karakoç), Rohat Pasûr (Cihat Ay), Demhat Setkar (Çetin Temel) and Rênas Tolhildan (Ramazan Eliçümüş) fell in the courageous struggle.

In the Medya Defence Zones, the Turkish army has set up a war fair, so to speak, by bringing all its war technology there: radar, jammers, camera, autonomous weapons, thermal binoculars, telescopes, semi-automatic and heavy weapons, missiles, kamikaze and transport drones, artillery, armoured vehicles and tanks. The occupying army relies entirely on its technology in this war. Despite its equipment, it remains stuck in Zap and has not been able to protect itself from the constant blows of the guerrillas. In order to overcome the stagnation in Zap and expand the occupation operation across the Girê Amêdîyê into an important part of Metîna, it launched a new wave of attacks on 9 September. But this, too, has led to the Turkish army making itself even more of a target and suffering even greater losses.

In Bakur and the Medya Defence Zones, a relentless war is taking place every day and the results are being shared with our people and the public on a daily basis. Documentaries and recordings from this hot war are also published. The Turkish special war media does not pick up this information in any way and pretends that it does not exist. The fact that the army is not getting anywhere and suffering huge losses is not mentioned at all. Within a month, 150 of their soldiers have been punished. However, only the deaths of a few soldiers have been made public. The other losses were completely concealed. After it was revealed by our side that the body of soldier Ünal Sipahi was left in the resistance area in Zap, his family had to carry an empty coffin and the Turkish army is lying in a very immoral way, with dead soldiers not being reported at all. This fact alone is proof of what a dirty and immoral war the Turkish army and the fascist regime are waging.

A look at the one-month balance sheet alone will provide a better understanding of the resistance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla no matter how intense bombardments the Turkish army carries out and what blows it suffers at the hands of the guerrillas.”

The balance sheet of war for the month of September is as follows:

Attacks by the Turkish army

Attacks by fighter jets: 149

Attacks with chemical weapons: 2

Attacks with banned explosives: 5

Attacks with tactical nuclear bombs: 1

Our martyrs

Fallen comrades: 5

Actions by the guerrillas

Total number of guerrilla actions: 507

Ambush: 1

Infiltration: 2

Coordinated Action: 5

Attack: 5

Sabotage: 12

Assassination: 68

Clash-Blow: 95

Actions with heavy weapons: 319

Enemy losses

Number of occupiers punished: 150

Number of agents-counter-forces punished: 1

Number of occupiers injured: 38

Equipment destroyed

Drones: 2

Grenade throwers: 2

Surveillance Camera Systems: 7

Thermal Surveillance Camera Systems: 1

Banned Explosives: 1

Positions: 4

A4 weapons and positions: 2

Equipment damaged

Sikorsky helicopters: 3

Attack helicopters: 3

Scoops: 3

Positions: 175

Cable car system: 1

Van: 1

Howitzer: 1

Armored vehicle: 1