Identities of three YPJ fighters killed in Turkish drone attack in Manbij released

The Turkish state continues its attacks against North-East Syria where it has already occupied territories in violation of international law and is carrying out a genocidal war.

The Women's Defence Units (YPJ) General Command released the identities of three fighters who were killed in a targeted drone attack by the Turkish state in Manbij on Friday.

According to the statement on Saturday, the fallen fighters, the Turkish attack claimed the lives of YPJ Military Council Command members Nûcan Ocalan and Canda Cûdî, and Manbij Military Council Commander Şervîn Serdar.

The YPJ statement said:

"Day after day, the murderous Turkish state is attacking our people and the vanguard of the revolution of Northern and Eastern Syria with methods that go beyond the limits of war. Our struggle has put great fear into Erdoğan's bloodthirsty regime. The occupying state is run by a special war department. Never in history has there been such an organised genocide against peoples. Today, the centre of this genocide is Syria. Driven by a neo-Ottoman understanding, the Turkish state, a remnant of the Ottoman Empire, wants to occupy and dominate our regions. For this reason, it seeks to suppress every voice that rises up for freedom and democracy with its all-out attacks.

As Women's Defence Units, we have stood as a shield against these attacks since the beginning of our struggle. We have sacrificed hundreds of companions as martyrs. This fact has opened the eyes of all societies striving for freedom and justice to a new world. With its fight against ISIS, the YPJ has become the expression of the spirit of women who sacrifice their existence for humanity. They are defined as a new model of life and hope for all people in the world. But these brave women are under attack by Erdoğan, who is hostile to the will and existence of women.

It is no coincidence that revolutionary women were targeted on 15 September, the anniversary of the attacks on Kobanê. This hostility of the Turkish occupation state is an expression of its fear of the defeat of ISIS. At the same time, these attacks are aimed at breaking the will and motivation of the revolution. But the values created by Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] in our lands have produced patriotic and democratic families. This will never allow the enemy to achieve results. Through his struggle and intensive work throughout Syria, Leader Apo has produced a society that carries the reality of the patriotic and democratic family. One of these families is that of our commander Şervîn, who instilled in their children the love of a free country."

Şervîn Serdar was born in 1981 in the city of Dirbêsiyê. At the age of seventeen, she joined the Kurdish liberation movement in the guerrilla ranks. She returned from the mountains at the beginning of the Rojava revolution. Since then, she has been active in the defence of the region. "Every moment in the 25 years of resistance, Commander Şervîn upheld all revolutionary responsibilities with the deep conviction of Rêber Apo's women's liberation ideology and an unwavering spirit of sacrifice. The selfless line and the militancy of the spirit of the times are also an expression of Commander Şervîn's personality," said the YPJ. Most recently, the commander took part in the "Operation Security Reinforcement" in Deir ez-Zor as a commander.

Nûcan Ocalan from Manbij joined the YPJ as an adolescent. "Nûcan Ocalan represented the spirit of young women in the ranks of freedom. Her deep attachment to the values of the revolution not only strengthened her own personality, but was also reflected in every task she undertook to help build a modern and democratic system."

Canda Cûdî came from a family in Girê Spî, which has been under Turkish jihadist occupation since a war of aggression in 2019. This experience was crucial for the fighter to join the YPJ, according to the statement. "Comrade Canda was a mother of two children and a defender of the values of her society. Until the last moment, she was committed to the revolution and the duties that come with it. She did this not only for the future of her own children, but for all the children of her homeland.”

The statement by YPJ General Command added: “Our comrades Şervîn, Canda and Nûcan embodied the spirit of true friendship, unity of purpose and direction. They fulfilled their duties without hesitation, without fear, in a spirit of loyalty and ultimately sacrificed their lives. Our condolences go first and foremost to their families and to all our people who resist and do not give up against the attacks of the occupiers. With the diligence and blood of comrades like Şervîn, Canda and Nûcan, we have cleansed every foot of our homeland of all kinds of oppression from the invaders. On this basis, we will always protect the legacy of our martyrs and be fighters of revenge. Neither our strength nor our resolve will be broken."

The identity information of the fallen YPJ fighters is as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Şervîn Serdar

First-Last Name: Îman Mehmûd Derwêş

Mother's Name: Dilşa

Father's Name: Mehmûd

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Manbij - 15.09.2023


Nom de Guerre: Canda Cûdî

First-Last Name: Sara Mihemed Ebdî

Mother's Name: Şemsê

Father's Name: Mihemed

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Manbij – 15.09.2023


Nom de Guerre:  Nûcan Ocalan

First-Last Name: Şîlan Mihemed Ehmed

Mother's Name: Sîham

Father's Name: Mihemed

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Manbij – 15.09.2023