Jin TV ready to go on air

Jin (Women) TV channel will begin broadcasting on Saturday 30 June.

Jin TV has completed its test broadcast and it İs ready to go on air. The new channel will begin broadcast on Saturday, 30 June.

Jin (Women) TV called on all women to contribute and help making the television a shared project.

In a statement Jin TV said: "We are building a wonderful TV for women" and continued: "The channel is all made up of women, from journalists to producers, from editors to camerawomen."

With the slogan "We will make it and we will watch it ourselves" Jin TV explained the philosophy behind the project and the content to expect with these words: "Dengbej women of Mesopotamia, women politicians of the Middle East, women laborers of Rumeli, women farmers of the Aegean, human rights defenders in Anatolia. It is a television for all women. We want this television to bring together all women, problems, solutions, challenges, fun, hope, despair, language."

In the statement, Jin TV added: "We are taking the first steps of a women’s solidarity television, a woman-friendly television."

Jin TV made the following call to women:

"Make your video at home, in your workplace, on the street, at a meeting, send the video to us, and be part of this television movement, we need you.

Let's discuss together. We expect contributions from all women's groups.

Let's make programs together, take a video, set an agenda. Let’s make it and watch it ourselves. Let's get closer to those who are far away, let's get together with each other."

"We are opening on June 30," Jin TV said, "This is just the beginning!"