KJAR calls upon women to join protests in Iran

Eastern Kurdistan Women Movement (KJAR) called upon all women to join protests in Iran.

KJAR released a statement about the protests in Iran and said that they see the movement as a democratic struggle and urged everyone to stand with the revolt.

KJAR accused Iranian state of following ignorance and annihilation mentality towards Kurdish people in 2017 but pointed out that it failed to stop Kurdish demands for freedom. “This is why Iranian regime is so aggressive,” KJAR said.

“As a result of Iran’s anti-democratic and oppressive state politics, Iran has a democracy problem. The freedom issue of women is grave and this is also a grave problem for men. People are poorer. There is an education problem. The political system is unilateral and anti-democratic. All of these factors came to a point where nobody could take it anymore. The continuing protests in Iran and Eastern Kurdistan started as a result of this corruption and dirty policy” the statement read.

KJAR called the protests “peoples' struggle for democracy” and said that everybody, especially women should join the protests.

“All women, all organized women should raise one voice against injustice,” KJAR said.

“The only solution for Iran and Eastern Kurdistan is the democratic unity of the people. Women should undertake the leadership of democratic unity struggle” the statement said.