KON-MED calls on everyone to attend rallies organised by European Kurdish Women's Movement

Celebrating March 8, International Working Women's Day, KON-MED called on everyone to take to the streets and attend the marches and rallies organised by the European Kurdish Women's Movement.

The Confederation of Kurdistan Communities in Germany (Confederation Civakên Kurdistaniyên li Germany, KON-MED), said in a statement: “On the occasion of 8 March, International Working Women's Day, we invite all our federations to take to the streets to attend the demonstrations and actions organised by the Kurdistan Women's Movement against the fascist Turkish state and the massacres.”

The KON-MED co-chairs said: "We wish 8 March, International Working Women's Day, to be a day when justice and peace prevails, human rights are recognized equally for everyone, freedom of gender and belief is attained, and women's freedom is recognized all over the world with the glorious struggle of the Kurdish Women's Freedom Movement.

With the capitalist modernity system, the freedoms of peoples, different identities and belief groups have been taken away and their rights to life and existence have been violated for 5,000 years. Massacres and wars were tolerated. Due to excessive profit and exploitation, peoples were condemned to hunger and poverty. By violating many articles of the human rights conventions, the fate of the peoples was left to the mercy of the dominant militarist forces, and the massacres of women continued."

The co-chairs added: “As human rights and laws were violated, the colonialist states, especially the Turkish state, wanted to destroy the Kurdish people in the first quarter of the 21st century by applying denial, assimilation and genocide. The Turkish state, which signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, suspended all kinds of national and international law and democracy, and carried out massacres against all Kurdish people, especially women, in front of the world. While all these inhuman practices were being carried out, the international powers remained silent and approved the policies of AKP fascism, condoning the occupation of Rojava and Bashur Kurdistan.

The capitalist system, which became reckless and increased the massacres of women in Turkey, Afghanistan and Ukraine with its wars, continued its violence all over the world during the epidemic process. The worsening of the living conditions of working women during the epidemic, the murder of hundreds of women last year in Turkey, the increase in femicide in Germany showed that states failed to protect women and children during the epidemic period in the world.

In the process we live in, women have the courage to inspire future generations."