Kongra Star writes to UN Secretary General

"What really worries us is your failure to speak out against all these crimes, violations and human rights abuses that Turkey commits."

Kongra Star sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres and members of the Security Council.

The letter said: "We have been suffering, continuously and more than ever, from the crimes of the Turkish state government and those loyal to it and supported by it. These crimes are still being perpetuated even after the calls made by most of the international institutions for a comprehensive cease-fire in the world. These calls apply especially in active conflict areas in order to confront the spread of the Corona virus. The Syrian Democratic Forces for their part have accepted these appeals."

The letter continued: "The armed factions of Turkey have never stopped destroying homes, killing civilians, especially women and children, kidnapping, arresting and throwing them in prison to meet the worst forms of torture and inhuman treatment. The best evidence of this can be seen in the prison of the Hamzat faction, which was exposed by other factions, in which dozens of Kurdish women were kidnapped and detained without reason. Further eveidence includes the killing of Malak Nabih Jumah Khalil, and the seventeen women including Fatima Kina, in the areas under the current Turkish occupation. This constitutes a new method of genocide against the Kurds."

Kongra Star said "What really worries us is your failure to speak out against all these crimes, violations and human rights abuses that Turkey commits. Because of this we have become suspicious of the International community and its institutions concerned with human rights and with implementing the provisions and principles of the United Nations. Your approach on these matters show to us a forgiving and tolerant attitude with Turkey, allowing the latter to attack civilians in North Eastern Syria. The crimes Turkey perpetrates everyday in the occupied territories is undeniable and clearly visible to you and the international community.

Therefore, and as you see it by virtue of your historical responsibility, we, the Star Congress organization appeal to you to intervene quickly to achieve justice and solve the Syrian crisis in general and remove the hand of the Turkish state from Northern Syria."

The other demands are listed as follows: "

1- Pressure on the relevant authorities to impose a no-fly zone in the North East of Syria

2- Formation of a fact-finding committee and dispatching it to North East Syria to investigate for crimes committed by the Turkish state and with them, affiliated armed factions. Investigation must include the latest compound crime in the village of Halling, located in the city of Kobani, Ain al-Arab, on 26-6-2020

3- Prevent Turkey’s forces from reaching Syria and its people and prevent their intervention.

4- Apply pressure on the Turkish state to end its occupation of the regions of North Eastern Syria and secure a safe return of the displaced back to their homes in Afrin, Til-Abyad and Ras-Al-Ain

5- Begin Prosecution proceedings against the perpetrators of the Turkish state and those loyal to it for their crimes committed against women, because these are constituted as war crimes and crimes against humanity."