"Leadership and Women" workshop held in Lucerne

The "Leadership and Women" workshop launched in various Swiss cities on 21 April, was held in Lucerne on Wednesday. Women shared their experiences of struggle.

The "Leadership and Women" workshop, which was launched on 21 April by the Swiss Kurdish Women's Movement (YJK-S) Jineology Committee, continues. On Wednesday, the workshop was held at the Lucerne Democratic Kurdish Community Center (CDK-L) in partnership with the Lucerne Arîn Mirkan Women's Council.

Women who attended the workshop with Jineology Academy Member Nora Merino shared their experience of struggle.

Women talked about how they got to know Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the problems they experienced while participating in the women's struggle. In the workshop, the women wrote the words of Abdullah Öcalan that touched them on paper and hung them on a board.

Women condemned the isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, the Turkish state's invasion of attacks on guerrilla areas and the attacks on Kurdish journalists.

The workshop will also be held at the Democratic Kurdish Community Centers in Lausanne today, 25 April, Geneva tomorrow, 26 April, and Winterthur on 30 April.