Manbij women set up projects for economic independence

Manbij women who innovate in their day-to-day work strengthen their economic autonomy.

The Women's Committee of the Manbij Democratic Civil Administration opened the Women's Economy Centre on 20 November 2017.

The centre was the first step women gave towards developing economic autonomy. The women living in the city have already carried out many projects. One of those projects is a restaurant for women.

The restaurant opened on 6 March and it is called ‘Bahar’ (’Spring’). It was the first step towards improving the autonomous economies of Manbij women.

The restaurant is managed by four women, one of them in the administration and the other working in the kitchen preparing traditional meals.

Chicken farm opening

Two weeks after the opening of the restaurant, the Manbij Women's Economy Centre set up a chicken farm on 23 March.

This project, which is offering good contributions to the women's economy, has provided job opportunities for young women living in the city.

Ayşe Hec Mahmut from the farm staff said: “My husband and I were unemployed and we found a job once this farm was opened. We are getting 60 thousand Syrian liras per month each”, she added telling of her satisfaction with the project.

There are four thousand chicks in the farm and Ayşe is bringing them to the city markets after having fed them for around 40 days.

Ayşe also underlined that there is a veterinarian at the farm ensuring and looking after the health of chickens and chicks.

As to the difficulties they have experienced in their work, Ayşe said: "Extreme hot weather disturbs both us and the animals there. To get a bit of cool and clean air, we must provide constant water and of course we have to provide feeding stuff for the animals.”

Happily she said that “very rarely we experienced the death of chickens. Our animals - she added - do not have any illnesses and are given the necessary medicines. So this farm is getting good results both in terms of production and profit."

Speaking about the executive activities, Ayşe Casim, one of Manbij Women's Economy Centre managers, said: "The purpose of these projects we have created is to activate women and get them to take their roles within the society. We also aim at providing jobs for women and youth and to strengthen the autonomy when it comes to women's economy."

Ayşe Casim also confirmed that they are preparing new projects all the time.