March in Lavrio against murder of women

A march against women murders was held in Lavrio, where a Kurdish refugee woman from Rojava, Evin Ekrem Ali, was brutally killed by her husband.

Hundreds of people in Lavrio marched to say no to the murder of women. They gathered in front of the Lavrio Camp where Kurdish refugees stay, carrying photos of Evin Ekrem Ali, who was murdered by her husband.

Greek women marched together with Kurdish women.

The march ended in the city square where Felek Seçkin, who lives in Lavrio camp, addressed the crowd.

Reminding that Evin Ekrem Ali was brutally murdered by her husband before the eyes of her children, Felek Seçkin said: "Unfortunately, this is not the first time that something so brutal happens. Dozens of women are murdered by men every day. The male-dominated mentality wants to justify the massacres of women in all areas. We strongly condemn the murder of women and those who remain silent about these murders."

Felek Seçkin added: "Evin Ekrem Ali was brutally murdered by her husband on the upper floor of a police station used to house refugees." Seçkin also said that it was wrong to "identify the murder of Evin Ekrem Ali with the way Lavrio refugee camp is run. Kurdish women are leading the women's struggle wherever they are, especially in Rojava."