Men kill 27 women in August, 23 die in suspicious circumstances

We Will Stop Femicide Platform said that 50 women died in August.

We Will Stop Femicide Platform (KCDP) announced that 27 women were killed by men in August and 23 women died in suspicious circumstances.

The report said that in 16 cases it could not been established how the women were killed. Four women were killed for an economic issue, 7 were killed deciding to divorce, refusing to reconcile, and rejecting the relationship.

The violence against women and femicide are being hidden which explains why in the case of 16 women it was impossible to establish how they were killed. The platform underlined that violence will continue to increase unless it is determined by whom and why the women were killed and unless a fair trial is made. In addition, it is necessary to give an appropriate punishment to murderers and preventive measures must be implemented.

Of the 27 women killed in August, 8 were killed by their husband, 6 by their boyfriend, 4 by their ex husband, 4 by men they knew, 2 by relatives, 1 by her father, 1 by her brother and 1 by her son.

The platform also underlined that “15 of the women were killed at home, 5 in the middle of the street, 3 in the field, 1 in the car, 1 in the workplace, 1 in a public place. It has not been determined where 1 woman was killed. Furthermore, 56 percent of the women killed this month were killed in their homes and 19 percent on the streets. 14 of them were killed by firearms, 7 by cutting tools, 3 by drowning, 2 by beating and 1 has been burned.”