Men kill at least 32 women in May

According to the news compiled by bianet from local and national newspapers, news websites and news agencies, men killed at least 32 women and raped at least four women in Turkey in May.

In May 2022, men killed at least 32 women. They had killed 18 in April. Men also killed at least four men who were with the women.

One of the women killed by men was a trans woman. One of the men who killed women was a security guard.

One of the women killed by men was a Syrian citizen and one was an Afghan citizen. Men killed at least five women, violating "protection" or "restraining" orders.

21 women were killed by their husbands, ex-husbands or boyfriends. Two women were killed by relatives.

Men killed 20 women inside the house and 12 women in places outside the house, such as a forest area, a street and a hospital.

Men killed more than half of the women with firearms.

Men killed 20 women with firearms, two women by strangling them, five women by using sharp objects, two women by torturing them, one woman by battering her, and one woman by throwing her off a balcony. In one case, it was not established how a woman was killed.