Mothers of prisoners on hunger strike protest in many cities

In many cities of northern Kurdistan and Turkey, mothers of political prisoners have taken to the streets despite police blockade to draw attention to the hunger strike against the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan.

Despite repression and police violence, the resistance of relatives of political prisoners continues. Families and activists remain determined to express their solidarity with the hunger strikers and to stand up for their call for the complete removal of Abdullah Öcalan's isolation.

Sit-in in Amed

In the Kurdish metropolis of Amed (Diyarbakir), the mothers of prisoners on hunger strike have been gathering in the central district of Bağlar for mere 22 days to hold a vigil. Since the Koşuyolu Park, where the sit-in initially took place, has been closed off by the police for weeks, the activists met in front of the closed flour factory opposite the park. The sit-in, which today was supported by HDP MP Remziye Tosun and DBP members at district and provincial level, again took place under the police siege. The mothers announced they would continue to take to the streets should the isolation continue on Imrali Prison, where Abdullah Ocalan has been imprisoned for 20 years.

Rally in Patnos

Relatives of prisoners held a demonstration in front of the Type L prison in the district of Patnos in Ağrı province. Adile Güler, mother of the prisoner Muzaffer Güler, told the following; "We gathered here because we want peace. We are not here to argue. Our children have gone on hunger strike and are dying. We are here for them to live. The isolation must be ended. If necessary, we will also march to Ankara.”

Press statement in Adıyaman

The HDP organization in Adıyaman also called for the removal of the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan. Members and activists of the party met today at headquarters and made a statement to the press. Selim Özbek, co-chair of the HDP in the province where Mount Nemrut is located, pointed out that the health of the prisoners on hunger strike has deteriorated dramatically after several months of food deprivation.

Sit-in in Adana

In Adana, a sit-in action took place today for the thirteenth time. At the sit-in, a group of people gathered in Ismet-Inönü Park. The families were supported by HDP MP Tülay Hatimoğulları and many women activists from the region. Despite the sweltering weather and police presence, the vigil lasted more than an hour. People kept chanting the slogan "Long live the resistance in prisons".

Vigil in Kocaeli

In the western Turkish town of Gebze in the province of Kocaeli, a sit-in has been ongoing for several weeks in front of the women's prison, where numerous prisoners participate in the mass hunger strike initiated by Kurdish politician Leyla Güven. Although the police tried again to disperse the group, the families defied the security forces and performed their now 44th vigil. In conclusion, the mothers of the prisoners announced: "We will come back until we get the message out of Imrali, that the isolation has been lifted and our children finish the hunger strike".

Other actions protesting against conditions on Imrali took place in Antep, Mardin, Van, Bitlis, Erzurum and Mersin.