Over a thousand women kidnapped, 99 others murdered in Afrin since 2018

According to the Human Rights Organization Afrin-Syria, at least 99 women have been killed, 74 raped and sexually assaulted, and over a thousand kidnapped in Afrin since 2018.

The Human Rights Organization Afrin-Syria made a statement denouncing the systematic crimes committed against women in the northern Syrian canton of Afrin, which has been occupied by the Turkish state since 2018.

Members of the organization made a statement to the press in the Serdem Camp in Shehba Canton, which houses IDPs from Afrin. They were accompanied by representatives of civil society organizations.

The statement read out by Heyhan Elî, a member of the organization, pointed out that the invading Turkish state and allied armed mercenary groups have committed various crimes against women from Afrin, such as kidnapping, torture, murder and sexual assaults.

The statement pointed out that one of the main objectives of the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation state and allied armed factions was to drive women into a corner and ignore them. “The crimes committed against women in Afrin have not been witnessed in any period of history, including in the wars of the Mongols and the Tatars. According to Articles 6-7-8 of the Rome Statute, these acts fall into the category of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Yet, in spite of international laws, women and children are subjected to all forms of torture and crimes,” the statement said.

The Human Rights Organization listed the violations and crimes committed by the Turkish state since its invasion of Afrin in 2018 as follows:

Over a thousand women have been kidnapped and the aftermath of many of them is unknown.

99 women have been murdered. 9 committed suicide under suspicious conditions.

74 women have been subjected to sexual assault and rape.

On the other hand, the organization denounced cases of forced marriage and underage marriage under pressure and coercion.

“As women’s rights activists, we call on all international human rights, humanitarian and feminist organizations to fulfill their moral and legal duty in the face of the crimes committed against the entire population in the occupied territories of North-East Syria. The perpetrators of these crimes, especially those committed against women and children, must be brought to justice. Pressure should be put on the Turkish state to withdraw its troops from all the territories it has occupied. The displaced people should be secured a safe return to their land and the victims should be provided with moral and material support.”