PAJK congratulates YJA Star on successful resistance against Turkish invasion

PAJK congratulated YJA Star on its successful resistance against Turkish invasion, commemorated the martyrs and called for the expansion of the struggle.

The coordination of the Party of Free Women in Kurdistan (Partiya Azadiya Jinê ya Kurdistanê, PAJK) released a statement congratulating the resistance of the Free Women's Troops, YJA Star, in the Medya Defence Zones, which has been ongoing since 17 April, defining it as a milestone. At the same time, PAJK recalled the deeds of the fallen fighters Şaristan Farqîn, Siyabend Kobanê and Mizgîn Ronahî.

The statement released by PAJK Coordination on Friday includes the following:

"The forces of HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA Star make every day a new milestone. Every action is a historic new beginning. As was stated at the beginning of the fighting, we are in a war of to be or not to be. We have to recreate ourselves from our ashes every day. We are experiencing moments not only of courage but also of myth. Every day we wake up like the wounded Prometheus chained to the rocks, his liver eaten anew every day and growing anew in the night, like a new being. In such a war for one's existence, every blow dealt to the enemy is a blow to the isolation system on Imrali, under our L-leader [Abdullah Öcalan] is held.

Every blow dealt to the enemy is a blow to the anti-Kurdish regimes. Every blow dealt to the enemy is a blow against the misogynist, fascist rapist regimes. Today, as descendants of Ishtar and indomitable Apoist women, our YJA Star forces are arming themselves with this consciousness, renewing themselves day by day in their military technique and tactics, gaining the will to act and striking the enemy with the force of lightning. Each YJA Star fighter transforms into a force that strikes and destroys the enemy like lightning.

As the PAJK Coordination, we congratulate the outstanding performance of the YJA Star in this war, for the blows it has dealt to the enemy, the victories it has created, and we salute its actions, which form the basis for the entire structure of the PKK/PAJK, our people and resistant humanity. Every step, every successful action in the freedom war, has universal consequences. We believe that all our comrades armed with this belief, consciousness and sense of meaning will fight and will not stop until victory is guaranteed by the physical freedom of our Leader. The war that is taking place in Zap, Avaşîn, Metîna and all Medya Defence Zones is a war for the existence of the free Kurdish identity that resists in the form of the PKK. Just as ISIS was irretrievably defeated in Rojava and Şengal, there will also be an unshakable victory over the father of ISIS, the fascist AKP/MHP government, under the leadership of the YJA Star.

It is the duty of us as Kurdish women and militants of the PAJK to liberate the patriotic people of Kurdistan, the peoples of Turkey and all humanity of the Middle East and the world from the scourge of the AKP/MHP regime, in which the corrupt, mafia and patriarchal rule unite.

Undoubtedly, it is the task of the whole society, the Kurds, the Turks and all the peoples of the Middle East to lead this struggle. This struggle for freedom is a universal human duty. But we as freedom fighters are the pioneers in this war.

The blows dealt to the enemy under the leadership of Şaristan Farqîn were decisive for the character of the current process. Nalîn Firat added an example to all our forces with her determined way of exploding at the enemy's nerve centre and dealing them a heavy blow. Comrade Nalîn had been shaped by the ancient resistance culture of CizrE and unstoppably liberated herself, like the river Tigris, on the basis of the Apoist paradigm itself. The panic in which Rojbîn Agirî Serhed threw the enemy by her willingness to sacrifice her life could not be hidden. The fear that the YJA Star fighters arouse in the enemy has taught them defeats and will continue to do so.

Siyabend Kobanê is an example of the exemplary attitude of the HPG who are courageously fighting against the patriarchal, misogynous, anti-Kurdish, anti-people AKP/MHP government. Based on the Apoist paradigm, it played a leading role in the sacrificial struggle of the freedom war and inscribed his name in the history of Kurdistan and the freedom struggle worldwide.

The deepening of the women's liberation line and the liberation struggle by our friend Mizgîn Ronahî was exemplary for all Kurdish women. She revealed in her comradeship with friend Rûmet, a unity of spirit and action and showed that free women and men together can only deal deadly blows to the enemy on the right basis of comradeship as free individuals, free women and men.

In the person of these martyrs, we remember all our friends who died in battle with respect, love and gratitude. We salute once again the victory march that all our comrades are on.

In all regions, the fighters of YJA Star are dealing deadly blows to the enemy every day. We know that we can deal these blows to the enemy only with the strength we draw from the Apoist paradigm. We will continue to intensify these blows and ensure that victory comes ever closer. All our enemies should know that the PKK and the PAJK are invincible. The Apoist fighters are indomitable and invincible. The forces of the YJA Star will not abandon Kurdistan to the arbitrariness of the genocides at any price. As long as the freedom guerrilla exists, the freedom struggle will not end. It will be won without a doubt.

We closely follow the activities of the YJA Star headquarters and all our guerrilla comrades. It is obvious that there is good preparation, high morale and motivation. The condition, morale, performance of all YJA Star forces is good, determination to do what is necessary at this stage is high. Women are participating at a leadership level in every position and in every inch of Kurdistan. This is what suits the YJA Star-led heiresses of Ishtar.

Leader Öcalan said to the guerrilla: 'Dear guerrilla, keep your brain and heart'. We believe that all comrades have the power to keep their heart and mind and to show what free Kurdish identity means in contrast to the betrayal and collaboration of the KDP and against the fascist AKP/MHP regime. The victories will continue until our leader is free. In this consciousness, we are convinced that all friends will unite to this goal, make the 21st century the century of women's liberation, arm themselves with political and military savvy and put into practice their pioneering position in the guerrilla struggle of democratic modernity. All our people as well as our brave women will take a stance of revolutionary people's war under the leadership of the YJA Star."