RJAK urges the KDP to release third woman in custody in South Kurdistan

RJAK Diplomatic Relations member Zeynep Mihemed said that the KDP did not allow her to meet with Ciwana Ebdulbaqi's family and lawyers and said that the Turkish state is behind this arrest.

Ciwana Ebdulbaqî, Seyran Ehmed Hesen and Xewla Mihemed Hesen were detained on 5 August as they were entering South Kurdistan to attend a commemoration to mark the 7th anniversary of the Shengal genocide.

Seyran Ehmed Hesen and Xewla Mihemed Hesen were released on Tuesday, 33 days after their abduction. There is still no news from Ciwana Ebdulbaqî.

RJAK Diplomatic Relations member Zeynep Mihemed told ANHA that they have no news of her and drew attention to the similarity of the KDP's policies with the Turkish state.

Mihemed said: “Unfortunately, the KDP has not given us any information and has not responded to us until now. They did not accept our request to send a layer to them. Our friends' families wanted to go to see them, but they were not allowed to pass. Two of our friends were released, but we still have no news of Ciwana Ebdulbaqi. According to the information we have received her condition is not good. That's why we're worried.”

Women in Turkey are also detained, arrested and murdered every day. Since the KDP cooperated with the Turkish state, its policy, approach and system have changed. The KDP is currently using the methods used entirely by the Turkish state.

Talking about the KDP's politics towards women, Mihemed said: “They want to stop the movement and struggle of women in South Kurdistan. This is the same system used by the Turkish state. In Turkey, women are detained, arrested and crimes are committed against them for no reason. The KDP has not provided a reason for the arrest of our friends. Unfortunately it looks like South Kurdistan is now managed by the Turkish government. The Turkish state is behind the scenes of the arrest of our friends.”

Mihemed underlined that “women in South Kurdistan raise their voices against the system. The government, on the other hand, does not accept this power and struggle of women, and wants to silence women's voices. We are calling for the release of our friend, who was arrested without any reason.”