Russian woman rescued from ISIS by YPG

YPG fighters rescued a Russian woman who has been living in ISIS captivity with her children since she came to Syria in 2014.

Amisbula Hamisbiyeva Danuyevna, a graduate in law, has been living in ISIS captivity with her children for years.

She came to Syria in 2014 with her family to live in so-called Caliphate law by the Islamic State.

She was brought to Syria crossing Turkish border into Tal Abyad and then lived in many areas controlled by ISIS, including Tabqa, Mosul, Tal Afar and Deir ez-Zor.

She was separated from her family in Mosul and was forced into marriage twice.

After her second husband’s death, she escaped to Jarablus as her husband’s family was living there.

She has been rescued by People’s Defense Units (YPG) while trying to escape from ISIS, and was handed over to Russian officials at the Coordination Center for Joint Operations of YPG and Russian army in Efrîn.

The woman and her children thanked the YPG and Russian troops for rescuing them. They are now on their way home to Russia.