Serxwebûn and Çiçek, two guerrillas inside a war tunnel in Zap

Two guerrillas inside a war tunnel in Zap. One operates a machine gun, the other is a sniper. Serxwebûn and Çiçek make it clear what collective and a cooperative relationship are all about.

"Bijî Serok Apo, bijî berxwedana Zapê" are the slogans with which the guerrillas fight against the Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan. It is the conviction of the importance of Abdullah Öcalan and the need for uncompromising resistance to their own annihilation that has enabled the guerrillas in the Zap region to withstand the bombing that has been going on for months. A legend can only be written with this fighting spirit. This is evidenced by the massive losses suffered by the Turkish army in this military operation.

The guerrillas fight in small mobile units and in underground defense positions. One of these tunnel systems is located in the Şikefta Birîndara area in Zap. Even under the massive attacks of the Turkish occupying forces, the YJA Star and HPG guerrillas kept their morale and did not lose their good spirits. The method of criticism and self-criticism, one of the most important mechanisms of the PKK, is used in the most beautiful form in the middle of the war. The sense of collectivism is palpable everywhere. Serxwebûn Hewreman and Çiçek Ali in the tunnel in Şikefta Birîndara make it clear what constitutes a cooperative connection.

Serxwebûn is in charge of a BKC machine gun, Çiçek is a trained sniper. Anyone who sees the young woman may be amazed, but she hits the target with confidence. The fact that the Turkish occupiers in Kevirê Kun dare not raise their heads is thanks to the determination, courage and accuracy of these fighters.

Serxwebûn Hewreman talked to ANF on the fourth day of the war: “Today is the fourth day of the war that started in Zap on 17 April. Today the sky was overcast until evening. There were no enemy movements at all. The friends use snipers, grenade launchers, B7 and A4. Today was a good day. The friends dealt the enemy a good blow. Hevalê Çiya had inflicted three casualties on the enemy at Tepê Cûdî. He is a sniper. Observing the Kevirê Kun area, we see that the Turkish soldiers are stuck in the middle of the combat area. They can neither advance nor retreat. Their situation is extremely bad, they are surrounded.”

“We are a good group”

They have guard duty from four to seven in the morning, said Serxwebûn. The changing of the guard is already waiting behind the camera. Regarding his expectations for the rest of the day, the guerrilla explained: "Today is overcast again. There will probably only be movements in the evening, possibly airborne troops will come. Therefore, we will take measures to respond to the enemy and attack the incoming Sikorsky [transport helicopters].”

Guerrilla Serxwebûn Hewreman continued: “I operate a BKC. We give each other morals with our jokes. We're a good team. Friends sometimes say I'm random, but that's not entirely true. Our team is really very nice. I believe that with this team we can deal big blows to the enemy. This is how we can evaluate the fourth day of the war.”