Siwêd: We will end the occupation and build democratic Syria

Speaking at the 8th General Congress of Kongreya Star, Evin Siwêd, the Spokesperson of Kongreya Star, remarks that "We will end the occupation. We will build a democratic and free Syria".

North and East Syria Kongreya Star has organized its 8th General Congress with the slogan "Let's End the Occupation with the Struggle of Hevrin and Zehra, Let's Realize the Women's Revolution". 300 delegates from Southern Kurdistan, Syria and Northern and Eastern Syria attended the congress in Rimelan district of Qamishlo.

Making the opening speech of the Congress, spokesperson Evin Siwêd greeted the women from Northern and Eastern Syria, Damascus and Bashur who attended the congress, and the Autonomous Administration, political party representatives, Kongreya Star members, and YPJ fighters.

Stating that women have achieved so much thanks to the philosophy and sacrifices of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, which unites North and East Syrian women, Siwêd added, "We salute the resistance of women against occupation."


Siwêd pointed out that; “The crisis in Syria is getting deeper day by day. Under this hegemony, children and women are still being killed. Women are raped, displaced and married at a young age. The war in Syria affects not only people but all living things. Despite everything, women, through their resistance, did not become subjected to this hegemony. “


Refering to the politics in Bashur (Southern Kurdistan), Siwêd made the following remarks:

“History repeats itself. The Ottoman state committed genocide against Armenian people. Today it carries out the same genocide policy against the Kurdish people in Northern and Eastern Syria. Women, politicians, civilians and journalists are detained. Women in Bashur face persecution. In Shengal, women suffered sexual abuse, torture, mass murder in 2014 and were sold in slave markets. Later, Yazidi women formed a women's army to protect themselves from ISIS gangs. However, today we see that the Baghdad and Hewler governments repeat their plans and policies against the Shengal people. For this reason, we convey our support to the people of Shengal and Yazidi women.”


Evin Siwêd saluted the Heftanîn resistance, where great gains were made thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs and said: "We will eliminate the policies towards our people and our land through the unity of women. We will build a democratic and free Syria. Women must raise the struggle to end violence and war against women and to protect women from all enemies.”

Speaking after the opening speech of Evîn Siwêd, YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) Commander Zeyneb Efrîn congratulated the congress. Highlighting the great problems faced by Kongreya Star, she commemorated the women who lost their lives for this cause and said:

“Women have always struggled for resistance to succeed. If we want to be successful in this fight, we must further strengthen our organization. Women have brought change in every field they are in. We, too, have defended our society by making great efforts and paying a price. We still have that responsibility on our shoulders. Now there are plans and projects to be implemented on behalf of the revolution. Therefore, our burden and responsibility augment even more. We must protect our land and life with all our might.”


Autonomous Administration Executive Council Co-chair Bêrîvan Xalid said the phrase that “Rojava Revolution is a women's revolution" is not just a slogan since the will of women represents the basis of the revolution. She noted that the Rojava Revolution has been going through difficult times and that a resistance led by women has been carried out. Xalid added; “Women of all nations have taken part and left their mark in the revolution. Terrorist organizations are targeting us. Representing the will of women, Kongreya Star has set an example to the whole world. In the Autonomous Administration, women exist through their power. It is the women living in Rojava Kurdistan that will make the democratic system permanent".