Socialist Women's Union demands an end to male violence

The Socialist Women's Union took to the streets in many cities of Europe in the second Wednesday of action with the slogan 'Let's turn every place into place of action' to protest the male violence against women.

SKB (Socialist Women's Union) members called on women to take the streets on 25 November in front of the Strasbourg Arch in Paris. Women hung posters on the square with demands for self-defense against violence and the implementation of the Istanbul Convention.

In addition, a banner was made by SKB members in the Drancy, Paris.


SKB members, who took to the streets in many cities of Germany, decorated with posters saying "Self-defense against violence against women" Paradeplatz square in Mannheim.

In Nuremberg, on the overpass of Luipolhain park, the women put up banners in German saying "Self-defense against the massacres of women".

Protesting against male and state violence in Cologne and Stuttgart women also put up posters and banners.

SKB also exposed a man who abused women in Berlin on social media.


Protests were held in front of the Krainem metro and in the Antwerp Meer market in Brussels.

Red shoes symbolizing the massacres of women were left on the ground as part of the action and a call was made to implement the Istanbul Convention.


The Wednesday protest called to mark 25 November in the Osdorp Centrum in Amsterdam, women put up banners demanding an end to male violence.