Sozdar Avesta: Women know no barriers to building their own existence

KCK Executive Council member Sozdar Avesta attended the conference held in Shengal via video and said: Yazidi women have been writing epics for 9 years. Women know no barriers to building their own existence.”

The Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement-TAJÊ organized a conference titled "Towards a Women's Revolution with Jin, Jiyan, Azadi" in Shengal.

At the conference, evaluations and messages by Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan on women and life (Jin û jiyan) and a video message sent to the congress by KCK Executive Council Member Sozdar Avesta were watched.

Greeting the conference participants, Sozdar Avesta said: “Today, we see that women, who are loyal to their land against all forms of migration, genocide and plunder, protect their land. They develop a spirit of patriotism and insist on the construction of socialization. They prevent massacres today. Once again, we see that free ideas and free will are brought forward through this struggle. The fiery will, organized by Leader Abdullah Öcalan as a free idea in the person of a woman, was seen as a great idea of self-organization. One of the main methods of women's organization started with the army, and it continues with the democratic confederalism of the Middle East. Currently, the world is moving towards a women's confederal system.”

A united women's struggle is waiting

Avesta continued: “A united women's struggle is being waged throughout Kurdistan, Êzidxan and abroad. This struggle is now a struggle for existence. Women know no barriers to building their own existence and continue to expand their struggle. This struggle is carried out as a moral, political, just and ethical struggle.”

Avesta said that "one of the important issues to be addressed is the heavy isolation imposed on Leader Apo, who put forward the women's freedom struggle," and added: "The power and the male-state mentality are taking revenge on Leader Apo. Why is there a will of women? Why do women organize themselves and establish their own systems? These are the reasons why Leader Apo is kept in isolation. The women's freedom struggle will continue to be a pioneer in the world, and in Kurdistan, in 2023."

Yazidi women have been writing epics for 9 years

Avesta said that "Yazidi women have been writing epics for 9 years," and added: "They put up an unmatched resistance. They led the organization of society. The Yazidi people organized all the work and activities they defined as revolution with the value of women's free, equal and communal life. Leader Apo says that Yazidi women have a sacred importance for him. As the participants of this conference, you should organize with the idea and philosophy of free life of the slogan 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadi'. In the spring of 2023, the women's spring and the women's revolution are now developing into a new process. At Êzidxan, you will be a pioneer in every field. On this basis, I greet all participants of the conference."