The resistance of the YPJ is just beginning

The resistance of the YPJ fighters will not end with the annihilation of the ISIS. Every YPJ fighter underlines that the fight against male fascism will go on mercilessly. As fighter Azadî Avesta puts it, "Until all the women in the world are free..."

Resistance of the Women's Defense Units YPJ, which reached its peak in the epic victory in Kobanê, continues today in Dêir ez-Zor.

The Rojava revolution not only went down in history because the ISIS went to its knees in the face of the peoples who resisted fascism. The revolution in Rojava also went down in history through the revival of the free spirit of women. Any victory over the ISIS, all the liberated villages, all the women in the front lines will not only leave their mark in history, they will also hand over to the next generations a powerful legacy of resistance.


The YPJ, which encouraged Kurdish, Arab, Êzîdî, Syriac, Turkmen, Assyrian women to defend themselves against fascism and ignorance, illustrates the woman's will not only through armed struggle, but also in everyday life.

As a result, they became a magnet for internationalist women around the world and caught the attention of women caught in the clutches of modern slavery.


In the liberation struggle that extended from Kobanê to Dêir ez-Zor, the heartily smiling fighters became the moral source for their comrades at the front. In the midst of fierce fighting in Raqqa for 135 days, they met with their comrades of the Shengal Women's Units (YJŞ) and gained a victory. This meeting was a life lesson. Where the decree was issued against Shengal, markets were established to enslave Êzîdî women, people were raped and executed in public, I saw on the day of the victory the hoisted flags of YPJ and YJŞ at the Davara Naim Square in Raqqa and thought: "This is the power of the woman. This is the resistance and the will of the woman." I will never forget these scenes.


After the conquest of Raqqa, the fighters are today at the forefront in Dêir ez-Zor. They are also part of the war coordination and exercise their responsibility thoroughly and disciplined.

In the Operation Cizîre Storm, senior YPJ commanders play a crucial role in strategic decisions that determine the course of the war. YPJ commanders, especially those who make considerable efforts in planning and organizing attacks and purges, write a veritable heroine epic.


The YPJ fighters are a source of joy, not just in their positions, but in every area. Witnessing the first hugs with the civilian population, feeling the deep and close friendship among them, means a lot to me.

Whether doing the fire, preparing food, preparing the weapons or caring for their armored vehicles; the YPJ fighters carry out their duties with unconditional and sincere responsibility.


Suluk, Shaddadi, Tabqa, Manbij, Raqqa and now Dêir ez-Zor... All these offensives were very tough. The sandstorms in this territory just would not stop and the war was tough. Under these conditions, they lost dozens of comrades, they fought with their fingers on the trigger of the weapon every moment. Their eyes fill with tears when they speak of their fallen comrades. But when they line up for halay (Kurdish traditional dance) before the fight, you can see the same eyes shining with joy.

What impressed me most was their modest attitude. They do not talk about the victories they win, they do not boast of the many good things they have been doing. Sometimes they divide a bowl of rice or a single cucumber into countless pieces. In their positions of guarding the icy nights of the desert, they share their coats with their companions. With their way of life and their ideals, their solidarity with one another, their ideology based on the liberation of women, the fighting women of the YPJ are an example to all women in the world.


Especially after the resistance in Kobanê women of many countries, including Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Canada, Spain and the USA, joined the YPJ. After arriving in Rojava, they go to the academy for new fighters. There they receive both ideological and military training. Kurdish is also on the curriculum. Their interest in the Kurdish language leads to be able to speak the language fluently within a short time. They analyze very well the Western media’s intense interest for the internationalists in the YPJ.


The armed and ideological resistance of the YPJ fighters will not end with the annihilation of the gangs of the ISIS. In the interviews we make, all YPJ fighters without exception stressed that they will continue to fight male fascism in every way.

As fighter Azadî Avesta puts it, "Until all the women in the world are free ..." In fact, their resistance is just beginning.

* This article by Erem Kansoy first appeared on Yeni Özgür Politika newspaper and was translated by ANF English service.