TJK-E: On 1 November we will be in Den Haag with the spirit of Kobanê

The TJK-E said that they will be in Den Haag to call on the OPCW to fulfil their humanitarian, legal and universal duties and said: “Women, our people, youths and our friends should join the action on 1 November.”

The European Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-E) called everyone to Den Haag on 1 November, World Kobanê Day, to mobilize in front of the OPCW to protest the Turkish use of chemical weapons against the guerrillas in Medya Defense Zones.

The TJK-E said that the OPCW faces a vital test: “Just as it states in its institutional statements, if a world without the threat of chemical weapons and use is desired, the OPCW should act urgently by not contradicting its founding principles, aims and mission. The physicians' committee should listen to the IPPNW's request for investigation and take sanctions against the Turkish state.”

The statement said: “The images and statements regarding the use of chemical weapons by the fascist Turkish state against the guerrillas have been on the agenda of the Kurdish people and democratic public opinion for a while. For ten days, the Kurdish people took to the streets and exposed this crime against humanity by saying ‘Guerrillas are our honour’ against the brutality towards their children, these heroic fighters who have faced all kinds of difficulties for their freedom.”

The statement added: “After chemical images, concrete information, explanations and actions that will go down in history as a badge of shame for the 21st century, the Turkish state panicked to deny the crime, and targeted scientist Prof. Dr. Şebnem Korur Fincancı, a courageous voice of the conscience of society, and a principled advocate of women's rights. We strongly condemn her arrest.”

Call to attend action in Den Haag

The statement continued: “On 1 November, in Den Haag, we will urgently call on the OPCW to fulfil its humanitarian, legal and universal duties. We call on all Kurdish women living in Europe, our people, all women's assemblies, initiatives and components to join this march. This date is also World Kobanê Day, which is symbolized as the date of common struggle for all progressive humanity. Just as Kobanê became the name of a stance against a reaction that wants to drown the world in darkness, today it is humanity that is wanted to be left breathless in the person of the guerrillas. Today is the time to defend this spirit that gives Kobanê the strength to resist.”