We Will Stop Femicide Platform says men killed 280 women in 2021

According to the balance sheet announced by the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, men killed 280 women in 2021, and 217 women died in suspicious circumstances.

The We Will Stop Femicide Platform (KCDP) has announced its “2021 Annual Data Report”. According to the report, 280 women were murdered by men in 2021, and 217 women died in suspicious circumstances.

According to the report, 33 of the 280 murdered women had previously filed a complaint with the police or the prosecutor's office or received a protection order. "33 women were killed by male violence as a result of the authorities' failure to fulfil their duties, although they applied to them to be protected. We do not even know how many of these officials have been prosecuted. While the authorities do not protect the women who apply to them, the Minister of Interior claims that femicides have decreased. This year, dozens of our friends who exercised their constitutional rights were detained and lawsuits were filed against them. Unconstitutionally, law enforcement acts immediately as women struggle to stop femicides."

Authorities encourage violence

The report states that "male violence targets not only women but also the relatives of women who oppose violence. Our struggle against officials who do not protect women and carry out policies that encourage the perpetrators will continue."

30 women killed in December

The report also includes December figures, according to which 30 women were killed and 21 women died in suspicious circumstances. According to the December report, of the 30 women killed, 17 were murdered by their husbands, 2 by their partners, 2 by their former partners, 4 by their former husbands, 4 by a familiar person, and 1 by her brother.

64% of femicides carried out at home

Some highlights contained in the report are as follows:

“* Of 280 women killed, 124 were killed by their husbands, 37 by their partners, 24 by acquaintances, 21 by their ex-husbands, 16 by their relatives, 13 by their ex-boyfriends, 13 by their fathers, 11 by their sons, 6 by their brothers, 3 by a stranger, 1 by someone stalking her. It was impossible to establish who killed the remaining 11 women.

* 178 women were killed at home, 33 in the middle of the street, 12 in a field, 10 at their workplace, 9 in the car, 8 in an isolated place, 6 in a hotel, 2 at the entrance of their apartment, 2 in a park, 1 in a coal yard, 1 in a shed, 1 in front of a school, 1 in a minibus, 1 in the toilet outside her house, 1 in the law office, 1 in a factory, 1 in a parking lot, 1 in front of her house, 1 of in the garden of the health center. It was impossible to establish where 10 women were killed. According to these figures, 64 percent of women were murdered in their houses in 2021.