Women celebrate 15th anniversary of Kongreya Star

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Kongreya Star. Celebrations are planned with a variety of events in different cities.

Kongreya Star celebrated its 15th anniversary in Aleppo and Kobanê.


Kongreya Star members, representatives of civil society organizations and a large number of people attended the convention held at the Afrin Hall in Aleppo.

Kongreya Star executive, Hêvîn Suleyman, delivered a speech with began with a minute silence. Hêvîn congratulated Kongreya Star members on the foundation of the movement and added: "Leader Abdullah Öcalan gave women the chance to gain their freedom. We will continue our resistance and continue to follow the path of our martyrs."

The speeches were followed by performances by artists Siyajîn and Kevana Zêrîn.


Representatives of the Autonomous Administration, representatives of civil society organizations and hundreds of residents joined the celebration for Kongreya Star at the Euphrates Hall in Kobanê.

Photos of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and the martyrs of the revolution decorated the hall where a banner was reminding that "Women are defending the Rojava revolution".

Zehra Berkel, Kongreya Star General Coordination member, spoke after a minute silence to pay tribute to the martyrs of the revolution. Zehra congratulated the members of Kongreya Star and reminded that the movement is working "to defend women and their achievements."

Manbij Women's Assembly spokesperson, Ibtisam Abdulqadir emphasized that Kongreya Star is the organisation who most stands beside the women who carried out the revolution in Northern and Eastern Syria.

The speeches were followed by the performances of artists from Baqî Xido Culture and Art Center.

Kongreya Star

Kongreya Star (Kurdish for Star Congress) was founded in 2005 with the name of Yekîtiya Star (Kurdish for Star Union of Women) and is a confederation of women’s organizations in Rojava-Northern Eastern Syria. They have been instrumental in the significant advances made in gender relationsin the region. Its work is based on the claim that "without the liberation of women, a truly free society is impossible."