Women's conference in Beirut underlines the importance of co-presidential system

The experiences of Kurdish women in crisis environments are being discussed at the conference in Beirut. Women stressed the importance of the co-presidential system for the democratization of politics.

The second session of the International Conference on Women's Movements Experiences, held in Beirut under the slogan "In the footsteps of Jin Jiyan Azadi", has ended.

In the second session, politician and feminist activist Neslihan Acar drew attention to the role of the co-presidential system in the democratization of politics. Neslihan Acar reminded that the search for truth is based on freedom and that the first person who came up with this idea was Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Acar said that the representation of women in municipalities and parliaments in the world is around 18 percent, but this rate cannot be reached in South Kurdistan and Turkey.

Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement (TAJÊ) Diplomatic Relations Committee member, Siham Reşo, also drew attention to the experiences of women in Shengal after their liberation from ISIS gangs.

Rojhilatê Kurdistan Free Women's Association (KJAR) Foreign Relations Committee chair, Rozerîn Kemanger, pointed to the "Jin, jiyan, azadi" revolution led by women in Rojhilat and Iran and said: "The Iranian state says, 'We rule Iran, no power can interfere'. But after the revolution, we saw that society began to govern itself."

The conference benefited from a rich questions and answers session, as well as opinions and suggestions on the subject.

The conference continues today with the third and final session titled "Abdullah Öcalan on Women's Freedom".