Women from 9 countries to gather in Jineology Camp

Different women organisations and circles will meet in the Jineology Camp between the 18th and 23rd August.

The activities in Europe about the Science of Women, Jineology [Jineoloji], have taken another round. A camp all about Jineology will be organised between the 18th and 23rd August, which is expected to be attended by many women organisations and circles. The Utamara Meeting Centre will host the event, which will be joined by women from many different European countries.

During the conference "Challenge Capitalist Modernity III: Dismantle Democratic Modernity", that was held on April 14-16 at the University of Hamburg, the idea of the Jineology Camp took shape. Goal of the camp, which resulted from discussions with the work group 'Xwebun', is to implement the global ties that have been forged through the Jineology into practical steps and build up the substructure of further conferences to come.


From many different European countries women will come together at the Jineology Camp. The camp will be visitable between the 17th and 23rd August and will be hosted by the Utamara Women's Meeting Centre. Women from Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, England and Portugal as well as Kurdish women are sought to come together.

On the first day of the camp Jineology per se and its methods will be discussed. Additionally work groups will hold presentations on the issue of Jineology. The next days will see discussions on feminism, the queer theory, the nature of women, ethics and aesthetics. Unlike before, this camp will not focus on presentations only, but also endeavour to find a common perspective through experiments. On the final day of the camp, which is expected to be attended by 45 women, a work program will be running on issues like the women's village Jinwar, women's institutionalization and their relation with the society.


The Jineology Committee stressed the importance of this work, as it will bring together the energy, experience and the knowledge from different geographies and specify alternative models. The committee pointed out that the camp is not detached from the previous seminars and conferences held in Cologne, Paris and Sweden. The committee also stated that the content and program of the camp have solidified following a two years long education in form of seminars, conferences and discussions from different perspectives, making this camp a necessity. The committee explained that the camp will go beyond theoretical discussions on Jineology and offers an important opportunity for unlocking the practical potential.