Women in Russia protest attacks on Kurdish women

The Russian Kurdish Women's Movement called on women to resist against the government's attacks on women."

The Russian Kurdish Women's Movement (Tevgera Jinên Kurd a Navnetewî) issued a written statement about the AKP-MHP government's attacks targeting Kurdish women's organisations.

The statement pointed out that thousands of women were subjected to harassment, rape and murder since the AKP came to power and that women who resist this rule were often detained.

The statement underlined that the representatives of the male and women-enemy mentality show their real face once again, and added: "Women, who become stronger by resisting are the nightmare of the AKP-MHP's male-dominant mentality which mentality attacks women and wants to take revenge on them. They arrested Rosa Women's Associaton members and TJA activists. This attack is against all women and is not acceptable. We will defeat these attacks with our organized strength and resistance."

Call to resist

At the end of the statement, activists said: "As the International Kurdish Women's Movement (TJKN), the organization of Kurdish Women living in Russia and the CIS, we strongly condemn the attacks on women and demand the immediate release of Rosa Women's Association members and TJA activists. We call on women to resist against the government's attacks on women."