Women in Strasbourg protest against Turkish attacks

"The PKK is a women's party - let's defend Kurdistan!" was written on the front banner of a women's demonstration in Strasbourg. The activists protested in front of the Council of Europe.

The Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (TJK-E) protested in Strasbourg against the Turkish war of aggression and the European policy of hypocrisy. "The PKK is a women's party - let's defend Kurdistan!" was written on the front banner of the demonstration, which went from Place de la République to the Council of Europe.

The activists of the Kurdish women's movement, who also came from Germany and Switzerland, drew attention to the war in Kurdistan with banners and slogans and explained that the guerrillas defended human dignity. Many demonstrators carried PKK flags and pictures of Abdullah Öcalan.

Before the Council of Europe, Zozan Serhad explained on behalf of the TJK-E that the main goal of the invasion of the Turkish army in cooperation with the KDP in the Medya Defense Areas in South Kurdistan is the completion of the genocide of the Kurdish people. On the other hand, the guerrillas are resolutely resisting, she said. For the Kurds, it is a matter of "existence" and the guerrillas are defending the dignity of humanity and the Kurdish people.

Serhad said that "the PKK and thus the guerrillas are the self-defense of the Kurdish people," and added that "the European states made themselves a partner of the Turkish state, which is committing war crimes. Chemical weapons are being used against the guerrillas and the civilian population. The Kurdish women's movement condemns Europe's silence and will never give up their fight. Everywhere, free Kurdish women, guerrilla mothers and Kurdish youth are making it clear that they themselves are the PKK. As Kurds, we will definitely free ourselves together with our friends.”