Women’s Council took important steps since its foundation

The Women's Council was established on 21 November 2014 following the declaration of the Rojava Democratic Autonomous Administration.

Since its inception, the Women’s Council has carried out many important projects to improve the role of women and to eliminate the pressures that have been experienced.

The Council’s first step was identifying the problems that prevented the development of society and begin to struggle for the creation of an ecological, democratic and free society.

The Council took an important step four years ago to achieve social justice and brought women's laws to the Legislative Council of the Jazira (Cizire) region. These laws spread all over Rojava in the process which followed.

The Council held several meetings in Rojava and opened training programs to put these laws into practice.

Welai Axa, head of the Women's Council of the Jazira region, said that they have promoted initiatives in all councils, districts and institutions in Rojava.

Axa told ANHA that the institutions have reached the desired consciousness when it comes to women's law thanks to the initiatives promoted by the Council.

Axa reminded that existing state’s laws actually did not serve the society and there was a need to change them.

Ending her remarks, Axa said that they would re-evaluate and develop these laws through education sessions and meetings they would soon run. The Women’s Council executive also confirmed that work is underway to open a women’s academy.