Women's movement RJAK continues 8 March activities in Sulaymaniyah

The women's movement RJAK organized an open-air celebration in Sulaymaniyah on the occasion of International Women's Day 8 March. Today women will visit the grave of young victim Şinyar Huner, burned while sleeping by her husband.

A celebration to mark 8 March, International Women's Day, took place in the southern Kurdish city of Sulaymaniyah. The outdoor event in the Berdeqareman region was organized by the Kurdistan Free Women's Movement (Rêxistina Jinên Azad a Kurdistanê-RJAK) and the Fighting Young Women (Jinên Ciwan ên Têkoşer) and was well attended. There were stalls selling handicrafts, clothing and books on the site.

The stage program began with a minute's silence. On behalf of the organizers, Şoxan Mehemed welcomed those present and "all fighting women worldwide" and declared: "This century will be the century of free women." Afterwards, musicians performed, including the group Em and the artist Jina Saqiz from East Kurdistan as well as the women's group MA from Amed.

Numerous activities will take place in Southern Kurdistan on 8 March. Today, Saturday, members of a network of various women's institutions want to visit Şinyar Huner's grave. The 21-year-old was doused and set on fire by her husband in Sulaymaniyah in February while she was in bed sleeping. A few days later, the mother of two children succumbed to severe burn injuries in the hospital.