‘Women should struggle every day’

Women from Amed said that the struggle and public activities should not be restricted to March 8 and added that the struggle should continue without interruption.

Events to mark the March 8, International Working Women's Day, which is the symbol of women's struggle against inequality, exploitation, male-dominated system and massacres, are continuing to take place. Women from Amed spoke to ANF about the March 8 events. A mass rally in North Kurdistan led by the Free Women's Movement (TJA) will be organized. The women said that the struggle should not be restricted to a day or a week.


Fatma Levent condemned violence against women, labour exploitation and femicides.  “I hope better days will come for women. Women exposed to violence are especially those women who defend themselves. Women should not remain submissive to men. Women who have been subjected to violence should apply to the relevant organizations. We, women, stand by the victims of violence. Women should always attend rallies and demonstrations. This will be more helpful for us. Celebrating the March 8 events with enthusiasm will make it more meaningful for us.”


“Children are exposed to rape and abuse. We don't want these things. Women cannot enjoy their rights properly. No woman is happy with that. No one is supporting women. Despite all the problems in the country, women are standing and I'm happy to see that,” Fatma Ergin said.

We are worried that those who kill women and abuse children are not punished, and we protest this situation. All women should attend events on March 8 and enjoy their own freedom.”


Güllü Algan emphasized that women should struggle for their rights, adding that “We should participate in events everywhere. We can unite as women and celebrate that day on March 8,” she said.


Helin Yıldız said that she was excited about the March 8 events but could not accept the killing of women every day. “Every day a woman is killed, and it never ends. This situation discourages us from being excited. No woman should die. We do not live in a normal country. More activities can be organized for women. Activities should not be restricted to just one hour or one day. Women should be respected every day, not just one day. Once women are confident, they can achieve anything,” Yıldız added.