YJA Star: A free future is only possible by defending the PKK and its Leader!

Celebrating the 43rd anniversary of PKK, YJA Star Central Headquarters Command said, "A Free future can only be possible by defending the PKK and its leader and by enhancing the organized struggle under their leadership."

The Central Headquarters Command of the Free Women’s Troops (YJA Star) released a statement marking the 43rd founding anniversary of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in North Kurdistan.

The statement by YJA Star Central Headquarters Command includes the following:

“We are celebrating our party's 43rd anniversary, which is approaching almost half a century. During these 43 years, great prices have been paid. A great deal of success has been gained. We commemorate our founding day, especially our Leader, who is the architect of these victories and has put up the greatest resistance, our brave martyrs, our patriotic people, and all our resisting comrades. We remember with respect and appreciation all our revolutionary martyrs who joined the PKK from all over the world and united around Leader Öcalan and the Kurdish people, and the companions who committed their lives to defending the revolutionary values. We promise that we will not stray from the path of our martyrs.

On November 27, 1978, the PKK set out with the premise 'Kurdistan is a Colony' in the face of the Kurdish People's Reality that was meant to be ignored. With the 43-year-long Freedom Struggle, our party, the PKK, which began as a devotees' movement, has evolved into a key driver of change in Kurdistan and the Middle East. They allowed the idea of freedom to grow in Kurdistan by deconstructing conservative, blocked, obscure, outmoded, and oppressive thoughts. The PKK's free life paradigm has become the hope of salvation for oppressed peoples, women, and the entire world.

Today, women are on the frontline, fighting against the occupying hegemony in Kurdistan. The PKK, in addition to providing women with a free life, was the originator of the passionately fighting woman. The Kurdish woman, who discovered her raison d'etre within the PKK, put herself out of her own free choice, became an army, and led all women in the world. The PKK has instilled in women, who are militants of the Free Women's Line, the consciousness of self-defence and has secured women's self-confidence in the face of the male state's hatred of women. Every woman who joins the ranks of the PKK contributes to her own freedom. The PKK ensures that women will have a free future.


The PKK is first and foremost a movement of conscience and will. It is the PKK's essence of existence that makes it invincible. On the basis of this essence has this struggle been waged for half a century. The PKK's half-century-long resistance has concretely proved that the best method to employ is the human will itself.

The PKK fought for the establishment of a moral political society based on socialist values, as opposed to the course of crude nationalism. They replaced religious dogmatism that doomed women to slavery with the ideology of freedom, eradicating sexist beliefs that pushed women to the margins. They opened the doors of free thought and free science to the entire society, particularly women, through Jineology [Science of Women]. In the face of power monopolies, they based on the individual's self-will and suggested that diversity should be brought to life through the own cultures of diversities. They created a major answer to social problems, particularly the servitude of women, with the democratic, ecological, and women's libertarian paradigm. In the last 43 years, the PKK has carried out the greatest mental revolution in human history. In this context, the PKK represents the defence of the free human. The PKK represents he society's free-existence paradigm in opposition to the ancient enslavement paradigms.


The PKK has been the awakening of humanity's consciousness after thousands of years of sleep. The PKK represents the rise of oppressed women, society, and humanity. It is the resurrected Kurdish people's response to those who say, 'Imaginary Kurdistan is infatuated here.' PKK is the freedom party of the resisting Kurdish woman who did not bow down even on the verge of death.

The PKK has created the reality of liberated people. Leader Apo, who has been fighting slavery for almost a century, is a symbol of this. It was the PKK's free human reality that drove the invading Turkish forces out of the Botan Kato highlands, inflicted blow after blow on the Turkish war forces in Serhat, and established its autonomy in Rojava and Shengal. The invincible will of the PKK's free human reality forced the invading Turkish army, which waged a horrific struggle in Werxelê and Tabûra Ereba, to retreat.


Colonial regimes erected themselves as an invincible divine power over society and attempted to persuade it of this false reality by force, deception, and falsehoods. However, Leader Apo and the PKK have demolished the illusions created by states and demonstrated to the entire world how frail they are. In this fifty-year-long fight, Leader Apo and the PKK tore the mask off the faces of states, particularly the invading Turkish state, and revealed the true face of states to society. Although the invading governments, in the form of the Turkish Republic, attempted to conceal this fact through specific psychological warfare methods, Leader Apo and the PKK blew colonialism from the ground up. The collapse of colonialism in Kurdistan, which began on November 27, reached a climax with the Imrali resistance and will achieve victory through the Revolutionary People's War, which resists on the side of free women.


It is known that the Turkish state is the war base of the superpowers in the occupation and colonial war waged in Kurdistan. To overcome these fascist structures that oppress them on a daily basis, people must choose an organized struggle.

Women can only stop the daily massacres by uniting together in the PKK-created Free Women's Line. It should be clear that the PKK is the only path for women, the people of the region, and the peoples of the world to be freed. Leader Apo and the PKK are fighting for freedom with all their might. However, it will be our people's coordinated uprising stance that will lead freedom to true victory. Free tomorrows are only possible if the PKK and its leadership are claimed, and the organized struggle is raised under their leadership.

It is the heritage of our tens of thousands of martyrs who soaked every inch of Kurdistan with their blood, from the mountains to the plains, of our patriots who were martyred in the people's uprisings, from the Hakis of the PKK to Amed Dungeon rebels. PKK is Leader Apo's gift to us women after 22 years of resistance in the Imrali torture cell. We shall guard and expand this gift as if it were a trust. Our most important claim as YJA Star is to protect and lead the PKK to victory. For this, we raise the Werxelê Resistance's resistance motto once more: "We will fight until the very last drop of our blood!"