YJA Star: Every bullet fired is revenge for a woman

"Every bullet fired is revenge for a woman. Every destroyed position means the destruction of the way of mindset based on male domination," says the YJA Star Command in Heftanin.

The command of the women's guerrilla troop YJA-Star in Heftanin refers to the systematic sexual assaults and rapes in Kurdistan and says: "As guerrilla fighters in Heftanin we will retaliate for all women.”

The statement by the Heftanin State Command of YJA Star includes the following:

"The fascist Turkish state has been in distress for several years on political, military, social and especially economic level. The more it is in distress, the more it tries to create artificial contradictions and confusion in the society and above all to play with the ethics, dignity and values of the people.

The AKP/MHP government wants to cover up its weakness and hold on to power by changing society and social consciousness with occupying methods and illegal torture. People are being incited against each other with chauvinist and racist remarks. The operations in Libya, Idlib, Rojava, Northern and Southern Kurdistan also serve to keep the fascist government in power. This is also one of the reasons for the operation in Heftanin.

Kurdistan and the whole world can see that an incomparable and bitter resistance against the attacks of the Turkish state is being mounted. The modern guerrilla, which has been built according to a new strategy and the perspective "The best technology is man" presented by Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], is resisting in Heftanin. They have been fighting for days for a spot on the earth, putting the enemy in a state of great fear. There is no doubt that this fight against the Turkish state and against treason will shape history.

The attacks on Heftanin are not only aimed at destroying the liberation movement, but also at plundering nature and the whole of life. The military and political operations and genocide and the attacks on women and children are the result of one and the same policy. The women, children and martyrs of a country are the foundation of a society and its ideal values. The rape of women and children and the destruction of graves of the martyrs is intended to break the will of the societies in Turkey and Kurdistan.

In recent years, systematic sexual assaults and rapes have been taking place in Turkey and Kurdistan with the support of the AKP government. Despite the use of all means and the constant political and military operations under ever new names, the Turkish state is not succeeding in dismantling the liberation movement. Out of this anger, it attacks society.

At the same time as the occupation operation in Heftanin, the Turkish state started sexual assaults and rapes in Kurdistan in order to break the will of society. This is also evident in the latest incident in Şırnak. This assault was planned by the state. The location of the incident and the soldier involved are no coincidence. Botan is a region that has resisted all massacres and oppression and has preserved its own will. At the same time it is a region where Kurdish culture and traditions are maintained. The soldier in question was involved in the occupation of Afrin and was specifically selected. The resistant people of Botan and the entire people of Kurdistan must be alert in the face of these attacks. In the spirit of the resistance of Heftanin, we salute the women and young people who are rebelling against these attacks.

The resistance of Heftanin is a response to these dirty and patriarchal attacks. As guerrilla fighters of the YJA-Star in Heftanin, we will avenge all women.

The female fighters who are shaping this war with their actions and their joyful trills strike with exactly this anger. They are the voice of the women who cannot move in their own neighbourhood, who are raped, experience violence in their homes and are disenfranchised at work. With their passion and long hair, these guerrilla fighters courageously and selflessly tear down the walls of the enemy. Every bullet fired is revenge for a woman. Every destroyed position means the destruction of the mindset based on male domination. This battle is the battle of all women.

With the paradigm of a democratic, ecological and gender-free society and the spirit of resistance of Esmer, Nûcan, Ararat, Bêrîvan, Zeryan, Amara, Zeynep and Viyan, the guerrillas fighting in Heftanin defend all women in Kurdistan and Turkey and the soil of Kurdistan.

As a liberation movement, we call upon the peoples of Kurdistan and Turkey and especially all women and youth fighting for freedom to resist these dirty and unethical attacks. We are the people, we are women, we are righteous. If we unite, no power can stand against us."