YJA-Star guerrillas: "We are in debt to our Leader"

Guerrillas of YJA-Star congratulated Abdullah Öcalan's birthday, April 4th.

The Free Women’s Troops YJA-Star guerrillas in the Medya Defense Zones congratulated Abdullah Ocalan on his birthday and said, "The birthday of our Leader is a resurgence, a blossoming for us women. Hereby we celebrate the rising of this sun."

Guerrilla Berfîn Kobanê described Abdullah Öcalan's birthday as the rebirth of the Kurdish people and said, "I congratulate all the comrades who are in the fighting in the battlefield, as well as our people in Afrin who are mounting a historic resistance, to 4. April, birthday of our Leader. We know that our people fight against the enemy with the power of the Leader’s philosophy. "

"They will be buried under the earth they occupy"

Berfîn Kobanê pointed to the Resistance of the Age in Afrin and said: "The fascist and dictator Erdoğan, who already sees himself in the triumphal glory, will be buried under the earth he occupies. Almost for three months, the population has stood up and has not left their homes and villages. Despite severe attacks, they resisted with the spirit of Barîn Kobanê and Avesta Xabûr. The jihadists who occupy the lands of Afrin today faced the population’s loyalty to their country. Their self-sacrificing spirit will not allow the occupants through. Just as the line of women’s freedom and the self-sacrificing spirit of Arîn Mîrkan triumphed in Kobanê, attacks of the AKP/MHP fascism on all four parts of Kurdistan will be frustrated as well."

"Thanks to our Leader, we have found the way to freedom"

Axîn Gabar, also a member of the YJA-Star, first remembered Üveyş, the mother of Abdullah Öcalan, and continued: "We believe that in the near future we will celebrate the Leader’s birthday together with him in the free mountains of Kurdistan. Every year we use the occasion of April 4 to write letters to our Leader. When we take the pen, we write down our longings and loyalty to the Leader. Thanks to him we have recognized the way to freedom. We owe a life to our Leader."