YJA-STAR's 40th year message: We repeat our promise for victory

YJA-STAR has said, “PKK is the struggle to right the history that has been overturned to act against women and peoples and in favor of the hegemons.”

The YJA-STAR (Free Women’s Troops) Central Headquarters Command has issued a written statement to celebrate November 27 Day of Resurrection.

“With the lead of Rêber Apo, the PKK has displayed the greatest and uninterrupted resistance in the lands of Kurdistan and the Middle East for the freedom of women, the Kurdish people and humanity for 40 years,” said the statement and celebrated the 40th year of the PKK for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, women and the peoples of Kurdistan.

The YJA-STAR Command statement is as follows:

“We remember all our martyrs of the revolution with respect and gratitude, from the corner stone of our uninterrupted 40-year long tradition of resistance Haki Karer, to Kemal, to Mazlum, Egid, Beritan, Zilan, Sara and their successors Berçem, Azê and Delal. We repeat our promise to crown the struggle with victory and to make the 40th year of the PKK the year of life with Free Leader and Free Identity.


In the 40th year of our tradition of struggle, the fight for the truth developed by Rêber Apo has been the culture of resistance for the PKK. The PKK is the paradigmatic depth and rise from Rêber Apo’s assessment that Kurdistan is a colony to the Democratic Modernity concept. It is the resistance movement of the free identity in the line of legitimate defense and self defense. Rêber Apo is displaying the greatest resistance witnessed in history in the torture system of capitalist modernity, the Imrali Island. This resistance is the resistance to win history in the name of the values of freedom in the 21st century. Our history of struggle of 40 years has withstood all hardships and continues in the sacrifice line of our heroic martyrs. And the history of the PKK is one that shows a dignified and free life can be achieved, that it has been achieved and we are face to face with victory.


PKK is the struggle to right the history that has been overturned to act against women and peoples and in favor of the hegemons. It is the struggle to create democratic, ecological life in the line of women’s freedom against forces of capitalist modernity making life hell. PKK is a movement that writes the history of truth and gives the era a spirit of freedom. PKK is a collection of values that add to the essence of the values of women, peoples and humanity and defends the free identity and the right to a free life. In this sense, the PKK is a women’s party. Under the lead of Rêber Apo, it is the leader in the struggle that develops the free women’s identity, its socialisation and its spread throughout the homeland. It has been the force that has held the denialist, annihilationist and colonialist states, collaborating traitors and international plot states in Kurdistan and the Middle East to account. It has been the force that defeated the ISIS barbarism and atrocities, working for these powers.


The history of the PKK has shown that no hegemonic power’s attack, tyranny, barbarism or atrocities can have any chance against the resistance for freedom. And today, our freedom movement led by the Kurdish women achieving a universal character in the struggle developed in Kurdistan and the region is one of the most clear signs of this. In this sense, the 40th year of the PKK will be the year when our Leader meets with the women and our people in freedom. Peoples in our region will have the free and democratic life in brotherhood guaranteed. This will be the year when the 21st century is won in the line of women’s liberation.”