YPJ: 2019 has been a year marked by a great resistance

The YPJ said that 2019 was a year marked by resistance and added: "We are preparing to fulfill our duties and responsibilities in 2020."

The YPJ (Women's Defense Units) has published a balance of its annual activities. In a written statement the YPJ said the following:

"- Within the scope of the initiative to defeat ISIS in Deir ez-Zor, our forces have accomplished heroism and sacrifices on behalf of our comrades Amara and Güneş.

- 52 Yazidi women and 178 children were liberated with the support of our forces and the SDF within the scope of the initiative to defeat ISIS.

- In this context, hundreds of women and families were liberated from the hands of ISIS mercenaries.

- Within the scope of the YPJ 2nd Conference, new training sessions were successfully opened.

- Since 9 October we have been standing and resisting with great morale and determination on all fronts of the struggle.

- In the battle to defeat ISIS and in the Honor Resistance, 72 of our fighters resisted and fell martyrs.

- During the resistance against the occupation of the Turkish state, 3 of our fighters have been captured by the Turkish army and its affiliated mercenaries."

The YPJ also send the following messages for 2020:

"As YPJ forces, we are preparing to fulfill our duties and responsibilities in 2020 according to the developments in the region and the war.

We will continue the struggle for freedom to defend human dignity and women. Realizing the dreams of our fallen martyrs will be our aim of resistance this year. We will continue our struggle for freedom to defend human dignity and women until we reach victory."