Zilan Women Festival will be held on Saturday

The 15th Zilan Women Festival will begin on Saturday 22 June at the Arena Hall in Leverkusen, Germany.

The Festival Preparatory Committee held its last meeting to review the last preparations.

The committee told ANF that the festival is this year dedicated to Ayten Behçet, Zehra Sağlam, Medya Çınar and Yonca Akıcı, martyrs of the hunger strike resistance.

The Preparatory Committee said that buses will be hired in many centers to bring people to the festival thus guaranteeing a mass participation.

Women from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium will attend the festival.

Many women's organizations will open their stands at the festival which will also be an opportunity to promote local dishes.

The festival includes a special program for children. Children's folklore group will also perform.

The 15th Zilan Women's Festival will include the following artists and groups: "Eylem Aktaş, Chopy, Deniz Deman, Serenat Ezgican, Kewê (theatre), Dance group from the Philippine.”