AKP mobilises to usurp Pazarcık Town Municipality in Kars

The ruling AKP party filed an objection to the YSK to usurp the Pazarcık Town Municipality, which was won by the DEM Party in the 31 March local elections.

1,818 votes were counted as valid in the elections in Pazarcık town in the Digor district of Kars with 2,185 voters. DEM Party co-mayor candidates Ayten Yardımcıel and Hüsnü Anci received 991 votes, while the current trustee and AKP candidate Ömer Vargün received only 827 votes despite fraud.

The AKP, which has taken action to usurp the will of the people of the town as in many other towns, appealed to the District Election Board of the Supreme Election Board (YSK).

After the objection was rejected, AKP applied to the Provincial Election Board.

In the 2019 elections, although Ebubekir Erkmen, the candidate of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), won the municipality of Pazarcık, the mandate was given to AKP candidate Ömer Vargün on the grounds that Erkmen had been dismissed from duty by a state of emergency decree.