Amed co-mayor Bucak: We will rebuild our city

Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-mayor Serra Bucak said: "We will put an end to all the destruction caused by the trustees and work with our people in all areas. We will start a rebuilding process in our city."

Local elections were held in Kurdistan and Turkey on 31 March. Despite all the obstacles, pressures and manipulations, especially in the Kurdistan cities of the state, the Kurdish people showed a historical will and protected the ballot boxes, despite the tens of thousands of voters brought by the state to Kurdistan.

The People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) also won the elections in Amed. DEM Party Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-mayor candidates Doğan Hatun and Serra Bucak achieved historical success by receiving 64.9 percent of the votes.

Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-mayor Serra Bucak evaluated the election process and post-election projects for the city to ANF.

The Kurdish people showed great will

Noting that they have been in the field for a long time since the primary elections started in December, Serra Bucak said: "What we saw in the field throughout the election process was that the Kurdish people would demonstrate their own will and defend this will strongly. We were indeed not mistaken. The Kurdish people showed great will and that became the determinant of the election. The Kurdish people became the subject of the election despite all the pressure and difficulties. The Kurdish people eliminated all the negativity that occurred on the election day and after the election. What happened in Van was an example of this determination. Indeed, in Van, Abdullah Zeydan, whose rights were illegally and unfairly challenged, was ultimately brought back to the charge he won by the will of the people. In this respect, there is great morale and motivation. Without the Kurdish people and their will, this election success would not have happened. We increased our votes in many parts of Amed and won the election by a historical percentage."

Amed will become a women's city

Bucak said: "There was a lot of serious destruction caused by the trustees. Along with the trustees, there was the destruction and damage caused by Turkish policies. There is serious economic destruction in the country. The reasons for this are obvious. The only investments made have been in the war policy and for a bigger and bigger war budget for more than forty years. It is one of the biggest reasons for all this destruction and the deepening of the crisis. This is the situation we are currently experiencing in our cities. There is social, cultural and identity destruction, as well as an economic crisis created by the trustees in Amed . We will begin to recover as soon as possible, starting with a new policy in social and identity terms. From the moment we take office, we will first eliminate the physical damage by working hand in hand with our district municipalities. The city has a serious infrastructure problem: 17 of our districts have villages with no water supply. Firstly, we will solve these problems. Then there is the serious damage caused by the trustees in the areas of identity, language and culture. As you know, the institutions they closed as soon as they arrived were language and cultural institutions. We will bring these institutions to life again. We will open language courses within the Metropolitan Municipality that will spread to all areas of the city to develop Kurdish and its dialects. There is serious damage, especially to women's institutions. In order to eliminate these damage, we will establish our Women's Policies Department and fight violence against women, as well as open women's counseling centers that women demand from us. We will rebuild Amed as a city where women have a voice, take part in work life and politics, and where women's policy is developed."

A new transparent local government

Bucak said: "We will have a serious study on the 8-year trustee devastation, budget deficits and debts. We will share this with the people of Amed in a transparent manner. As soon as we receive the mandate, we will continue our work in all areas and start a new construction process. We will work with a structure that covers the whole society and is based on pluralism, with democratic and free cities, social municipalism and people municipalism. Young people have a serious demand for employment. This city is a poor city. There is a poverty that deepens day by day. We will create employment opportunities for our youth. We will create projects. Young people will have a say in this city. We will develop a local economy and create employment opportunities for our youth with the business opportunities we will establish here. We will open vocational courses for young people, for the new generation. Unfortunately, the system has a very terrible approach towards young people. Our young people have addiction problems. We will work to eliminate this problem. We will carry out various studies to develop women's policies. There are serious demands for women to be present in the employment field. We will establish women's cooperatives to develop women's spaces and employment. We will improve the agricultural policies of our city and create employment areas in the field of agriculture."

We should expand the co-presidential system to every area

Co-mayor Serra Bucak said: "Thanks to women's participation and representation in politics, today we have equal representation both in the party and in local governments. This is an important achievement in terms of women's struggle. Co-presidency is an important achievement for women in all areas of local governments. We want local governments to be influenced by women's perspectives. We want to create democratic, free cities. This can only be possible from a women's perspective, with equal representation of men and women. We must spread the co-presidential system to every field."