Call from French elected officials against usurpation of people's will in Van

French elected officials and party representatives condemned the AKP's attack in Van and called for solidarity with the elected mayors.

French elected officials and party representatives protested on social media accounts the reversal of the decision to reinstate the rights of Abdullah Zeydan, who was elected co-mayor of Van Metropolitan Municipality, and the granting of the certificate of election to the AKP candidate.

Some of the posts are as follows:

Marine Tonnelier (Chair of the French Green Party):

"The Turkish state dismissed the Kurdish candidate Abdullah Zeydan, who was elected as the Mayor of the city of Van on Sunday. Respect for the will of the people is the basis of democracy."

Fréderic Mathieu (French Revolt Party MP and co-chair of the Research Group on the Kurdish Question):

"Erdoğan is attempting an administrative coup by dismissing the democratically elected DEM Party mayors in Kurdish cities. This is not the first time that Van has been the target of such an attack. Our condemnation must be total. Solidarity to the elected mayors!"

Ian Brossat (French Communist Party Senator):

"The tricks of an authoritarian government in Turkey. While Abdullah Zeydan was legally elected co-mayor of the Kurdish metropolis of Van, he was dismissed by the ruling party without any justification. It is time for Erdoğan and his party to recognize the will of the people in Turkey."

Anne Souyris (Green Party Senator):

"Solidarity with everyone who participated in the municipal elections, and especially with the city of Van. Van’s new co-mayor, Abdullah Zeydan from the DEM Party won with 55% of the votes against the AKP candidate (27%), but was dismissed by the government. This rejection of democracy is unacceptable and worrying. I offer my full support for democracy and political diversity to be respected for those cities that elect candidates against the ruling power. I went with Jérôme Gleizes to observe the elections in Diyarbakır on Sunday, and we will continue to be vigilant."

Dylan Boutiflat (Socialist Party National Secretary):

"On behalf of the Socialist Party, we support our friends from the DEM Party, who just won the municipal elections. They are threatened by the Turkish government. The democratic choice of citizens must be respected!"

Olivier Besancenot (Spokesperson of the New Anti-Capitalist Party):

"In a political coup, the Turkish state seized the metropolitan city of Van, despite the decision from the ballot box. Our solidarity is vital to prevent Erdoğan from seizing cities one by one from the Kurds and their allies through coups."

ACCORT (Turkish Citizens Assembly):

"Erdoğan is trying to usurp democracy and the people's victory. Newly elected in Van with 55.5% of the votes, Abdullah Zeydan, from the DEM Party, saw his election invalidated in favor of the ruling AKP’s candidate (27%). We call for solidarity."

Francois Bechieau (Deputy Mayor of the 19th District of Paris):

"Full support for DEM Party democrats! For a Turkey soon without Erdoğan!"

Vincent Boulet (Communist Party International Relations Officer):

"The Erdoğan regime is trying to hide its defeat by canceling the elections in Van, Hilvan and probably other cities. The voice of the sovereign people must be respected! The PCF supports the DEM Party against the authoritarianism of the Erdoğan government!"