Co-Mayor of Tatvan: We will rebuild a transparent and participatory municipality

Co-Mayor of Tatvan Municipality, Mümin Erol, stated that the municipality has a debt of nearly 1 billion 500 thousand TL and said that all real estate has been sold by the trustee administration.

The Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) achieved great success despite election rigging on 31 March. The calculations of the AKP-MHP government, which deployed around 55 thousand soldiers and police in many cities of Kurdistan, failed in most places. Kurdish people went to the polls and voted for the DEM Party. In the 2019 local elections, the Municipality of Tatvan district of Bitlis, which had been given to the AKP through fraud, was also won by the DEM Party with a large vote difference this year. Tatvan Municipality Co-Mayors Belkıza Beştaş Epözdemir and Mümin Erol of the DEM Party received their certificate of election. Speaking to ANF, Co-Mayor Mümin Erol stated that the municipality was in a debt of nearly 1 billion 500 thousand TL and that the AKP administration had sold almost everything. "There is almost no construction machinery, all real estate has been sold," he added.

Noting that the municipality was rendered inoperable, Erol continued: "First of all, we will establish an inspection board to investigate the corruption. We will follow every transaction, every corruption. We need to investigate whether the sales are real sales or not, where the incoming sales prices have gone. We will do this completely, but at the same time, we will continue to carry out the essential services of the municipality in order to respond to all the needs of our people. We will definitely have problems due to insufficient resources, but we will overcome this with a very strong will. We will stand by our zero-corruption discourse. We will not hold back from our essential services without corruption, without allowing it to be done, by increasing resources."

Stating that they will implement the principle of transparent municipalism in Tatvan and that all expenditures will be opened to the public, Erol said: "Regarding our principle of transparent municipalism, we are planning to open all of our accounting records to public scrutiny. We will fill all the advertisement billboards. Our people will have the authority to question. We will have an accounting open to audit. We have identified the points where the municipality wasted money. We will rebuild a transparent and participatory municipality by cutting waste and corruption. Our people trust us. Whatever the extent of the destruction, we will overcome it together with our people. The resources of the municipality now belong to and serve the people. We will serve to fulfil the hopes of the people of the district."