DEM Party Amed: The will of the people cannot be usurped

DEM Party Amed Provincial Organization said: "We warn those who want to usurp the will of our people that this will cannot be usurped" and called on everyone to show their democratic reaction against lawlessness in Van.

Amed Provincial Organization of the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) made a statement in front of the Diyarbakır Provincial Election Board against the lawlessness situation in Van. Peace Mothers, DEM Party Metropolitan Municipality co-mayors, provincial mayors and many people attended the press conference.

DEM Party Amed Provincial Organization co-chair Abbas Şahin said: “We will show everyone how we will send the trustees they sent to Ankara. We will do everything we need to do against this trustee and fascist mentality. We will do this together with our people. Let Ankara hear this. We invite the government to respect the will of the people of Van people. Our party achieved a unique victory in Van in the 31 March local elections. The people won all 14 municipalities in Van to the DEM Party. The people of Van strongly reflected their will and clearly at the ballot box. They also responded to the trustee regime."

Şahin, added: "Abudullah Zeydan is the co-mayor voted by the people of Van. We invite everyone to respect this fact. This wrong decision must be reversed immediately. This attempt against the will of the people of Van is unlawful."

Everyone must speak up

DEM Party Amed MP Serhat Eren said: “Those who cannot fight us politically are carrying out both a political and legal coup by using the judiciary, which is under their control, for their own benefit. How can this legal coup be explained? Only by racism and hostility towards Kurds. We will stand firm in our democratic reaction. They are trying to take these municipalities from us. We will not allow this."

Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-mayor Serra Bucak said: "The Kurdish people have shown their will and won more than 75 municipalities, spoiling all the games of this government. For this reason, less than 48 hours after the elections, the government dealt a blow to the will of the people in Van. The decision to appoint the AKP’s candidate is illegitimate and anti-democratic. The trustees will leave but the will of the Kurdish people will stay, let’s not forget this. We stand with the people of Van. Kurdistan is with the people of Van. We will not hand over our municipalities to them."