DEM Party applies to YSK for cancellation and renewal of elections in Kars

The DEM Party applied to the YSK for the cancelation and renewal of the elections in Kars, where irregularities were disclosed as thousands of voters came from outside.

The People's Equality and Democratic Party (DEM Party) applied to the District Election Board on 2 April to renew the elections in Kars (Qers), where the will of the people was usurped and fraud and irregularities were detected as thousands of voters were brought from outside.

When the objection to the District Election Board was rejected, an objection was made to the Provincial Election Board on Thursday. This time, less than 24 hours after the objection was made, the Provincial Election Board decided to reject it. The DEM Party then appealed to the Supreme Electoral Board (YSK), demanding the cancelation and renewal of the election for the irregularities detected.

3,842 soldiers and police were brought in to vote

According to the results, the MHP received 16,384 votes and the DEM Party received 13,120 votes in the elections held in Kars center. While the difference between the two parties was 3,264 votes, the DEM Party established that 3,842 soldiers and police were transported into the city.

At Cumhuriyet, Atatürk and Fevzi Çakmak Secondary Schools, soldiers and police officers brought from outside voted en masse. It turned out that all but one of the 120 voters registered to ballot box number 1042 at Atatürk Secondary School were registered in other cities. It was determined that 119 of the 120 voters resided in the western provinces, and one person was registered in the Qaxizman (Kağızman) district of Kars.