DEM Party removes X-ray device and wires at Viranşehir Municipality

DEM Party co-mayors who won the municipality in Viranşehir district of Urfa removed the X-ray device and the wires surrounding the municipality and said "Municipality is the people's house."

In Viranşehir Municipality, which was won by the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party), the first task of the co-mayors was to remove the X-rays at the entrance of the municipality and the wires around the service building. X-rays and wires were placed around the municipality's service building after it was seized from the HDP administration on 3 December 2016. This practice was continued after the municipality was transferred to AKP in 2019.

Stating that these practices are an understanding of municipalism that is disconnected from the people, Mayor Serhat Dicle İnan said, "We will serve this city with an understanding of municipalism that is open to the people all the time. As of today, we are removing the X-ray devices in response to those who equipped the city municipality with X-rays in a way disconnected from the people. Our people will no longer pass through X-rays. The municipality is their home now. They will be able to reach their own home whenever they want."

Co-Mayor Bedriye Yorgun remarked that social security depends on social peace, saying: "The security of a society is ensured by ensuring equality in that society, the security of a society is ensured by fair treatment there, the security of a society is ensured by a democratic, equal and free approach without prohibitions. X-rays are not tools to ensure the security of society. For this reason, we are trying to make the municipality a home for the people by removing the mechanical X-rays between us and our people when entering our municipality on the first day. We made a promise, and we keep it."

The X-ray device was removed to the warehouse and the wire fences around the municipality were dismantled one by one. Co-mayors then visited the municipality employees.