People of Uludere protest against AKP's election fraud

In the Uludere district of Şırnak province, by hundreds of people staged a march in protesy at the open election fraud by the ruling party AKP.

According to the DEM Party, 46.901 soldiers and policemen were transported to the Kurdish region to vote in yesterday’s local elections. The party lost at least 12 municipalities due to the heavily transported military and police votes.

The AKP attempted to usurp the 31 March local elections with 2,500 transported voters in the district of Uludere in Şırnak province,

In the wake of the fraud, the DEM Party objected to the results in the district where the AKP ended up narrowly ahead according to the unofficial results.

The DEM Party's district administration reported that the difference in votes between the AKP and DEM was as low as 127.

Residents of Uludere marched from the district organisation building to the District Election Board and reacted against the fraudulent results.

DEM Party Şırnak MP Newroz Uysal Aslan also participated in the march, during which the people chanted slogans such as "We will win by resisting", "Thieves will answer to the people", "Uludere, claim your will". While the people waited in front of the office, Newroz Uysal and her entourage met with the board for objection.