13th issue of Lêgerîn magazine published

The 13th issue of Lêgerîn magazine has been published.

The 13th issue of Lêgerîn magazine is titled "Forging the unity of youth around the world" and is dedicated to the first World Youth Conference that took place last November in Paris.

One of the articles is titled The time has come for a new offensive!, and is an analysis from an internationalist young women's perspective.

The article said: "If we look specifically at the 21st century, it’s clear that women have made strides towards freedom across the world. Once again, these epics, which are written each day, are not enough to set the world agenda. It is high time for womanhood, as a nation, to reunite. In order to do this, we must write the history of womanhood, the culture of Goddesses must once again flourish and the united spirit of women across the world must be reconstructed.

In the World Conference of Women, which was organized for the first time by the vanguard of Kurdish women in 2018 and for the second time in 2022, it came to light that all women’s problems are similar. The patriarchal system is organized at every level. Perhaps with diverse methods, but under the same goal of oppressing and attacking women. This is how it breaks women’s will every day, destroys their essence and annihilates any kind of unity among women. Women can respond to these attacks by organizing in the same way, at different levels. Today, the patriarchy does not attack only women; from nature to society, from children to the elderly, every form of existence is harmed by the patriarchal system. A global revolution is necessary."


Lêgerîn is a world-wide media platform built by and for the internationalist revolutionary youth.

Its ideological line is connected to the paradigm of Democratic Modernity, developed by Abdullah Öcalan from the ongoing revolution in Kurdistan. Democratic Modernity is a third way, against neoliberal capitalism and fascism that are feeding each other and attacking the whole of humanity through imperialist wars, exploitation, destruction of life and society’s values.

Lêgerîn is the Kurdish word for research

Seeking for the truth is the constant process of revolutionaries to find a way to collective freedom. It was also named to commemorate Lêgerîn Ciya, real name Alina Sanchez, from Argentina, an internationalist doctor and fighter of the YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) who died in Heseke in March 2018.

Lêgerîn can be read here