6th Martyr Ronahî Bawer Govend Festival to kick off tomorrow

The 6th Martyr Ronahî Bawer Govend Festival will be held in Rimêlan on 16 September. The festival will last for 4 days.

The 6th Martyr Ronahî Bawer Govend Festival, held its first edition in 2015. This year it will be held in Rimêlan, between 16 and 20 September. Musical groups will take the stage at the festival, which includes cultural dances belonging to different folk components living in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Evîn Bilal, one of the members of the festival's preparation committee, told ANF: "We have been organizing this festival, with a concept that includes the colors of all public components throughout Northern and Eastern Syria, since 2015. Due to the attacks against Rojava, the festival could not be held between 2019 and 2021. The 5th festival was held in Hesekê in 2021. We will hold it for the 6th time this year at Rimêlan."

Providing information about the content and preparations of the festival, Evîn Bilal said: “Our festival has taken its place in society. We are preparing for the festival together with the Culture and Art Committee, Hîlala Zêrîn and the TEV-ÇAND movement. At the festival we will organize this year, we will also have a message of solidarity for Jina Amînî and those who unite around the slogan of Jin Jiyan Azadî in Rojhilatê Kurdistan. We have been making preparations for the festival for about 4 months. 21 govend communes consisting of Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Assyrians and Armenians from Northern and Eastern Syria will participate. Music and art groups will also take the stage at the festival."