Children's Festival kicks off in Rimêlan

Members of Arab and Assyrian art groups said that by participating in the Children's Festival, they wanted to promote the culture and art of the region and support children.

The 8th Children's Festival started on Saturday in Rimêlan with the slogan "Children are the hope for our free future". Kurdish, Arab and Assyrian art groups from all cities and districts of Qamishlo Canton participated in this year's festival.

Assyrian Children Dar Tûma Nehiryo Lamîta Group attended the festival from Tirbespiyê district. The group is a well-known Assyrian group.

Assyrian Cultural Association executive member Pîrola Yusif said: "We wanted to revive the Assyrian culture this year. Regional components were ignored [before the Rojava Revolution], but this festival allowed the components to present their culture."

Pîrola continued: "This year's festival is remarkable because there were groups from all cities and districts of the Qamishlo canton. It shows the brotherhood of the peoples of this region and indicates that we must unite and maintain our unity to defend our society. The festival is an opportunity to protect regional cultures from extinction. We thank all participants."

We continue to develop children's skills

Esalêt El Badiye (Reseniya Beyarê) Group and Til Hemîsê Theater Group from Til Hemîs district also participated in this festival. Til Hemîsê Cultural Center management member Muna Xilêwî stated that the participating groups from Til Hemîs district tried to show the Arab culture specific to their region and added: "The participation of all components of the region made this festival different."

Mûna underlined that the festival was held despite the war, siege and attempts to weaken the security of the region, and added that children stood against these efforts with their participation, thus strengthening the unity of the people of the region.

Mûna said that "efforts to develop children's skills will continue."