Cultural and artistic events for children in Dêrik

Parkîn Culture and Art Center provides culture and art education to 40 children with its summer project.

Parkîn Culture and Art Center was opened in 2020 in a house in the village of Besta Sûs in the Koçerat region of Dêrik.

In the garden of the house, 40 children are dancing halay to the song "Koçeri".

Project for children 

Teacher Lona Xelîl told ANHA News Agency that "in addition to teaching folklore, we also give them photography, strambêj and vocal lessons to children in the surrounding villages. We give classes according to the planning we made for the summer.

Children learn 12 different dances. With these activities, we aim to improve children's skills. We teach them about natural, cultural and artistic activities. Watching movies is a part of our program, and we give workshops and seminars on material and spiritual culture twice a week."

Recuperating old children's games

Lona Xelîl said that they not only improve children's artistic abilities, but also recuperate and revive old games of the region through this program and work for children to play them, and said that they have rediscovered 20 games so far, including games such as berdeq, hemşê kal, qîtik, kêlevir.

Xelîl said: "These games are in danger of extinction. Kids don't know anything about these games. That's why we wanted to preserve these games by recording them. We introduce to children how they are played, what their meaning is.

After the training, the children will present what they learned in public and prepare a documentary."